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May 31 2009

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: Worst E Honda Ever

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Isn’t that what nipples are supposed to look like when a woman is pregnant?

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May 31 2009

Sports Sunday: Pay Attention to Jason Kidd in This Video

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This video sucks.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  Mark Cuban is a great owner but I feel like hanging out with the guy might be an incredibly annoying experience.  He just seems like a total dork who has paid his way into being cool (but he’ll never be cool).

He’s as smart as they come.  I happen to agree with a lot of what he says.  Hell I even think he’s a good guy.  But I just don’t think he’s cool.

In any event, watch Jason Kidd and how he’s handling the wheel.  Ever notice that in all driving sequences on TV and Movies the driver is always jerking the wheel back and forth?

Ever do that in real life?  The car would swerve constantly.

OK I’m done.

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May 30 2009

Sexy Saturday: Blond Swedish Singer Elin Lanto

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Elin Lanto is a Swedish singer who has had several hits in her home country, including the number one “I Won’t Cry.” Lanto was the first artist to perform in Melodifestivalen 2007. She performed “Money” again for the second chance round of the competition, where she faced competition from Jessica Andersson. She lost in that round of elimination, and hence also left the contest.

I just love cute chicks don’t you?  I feel like I should be taking a walk with her in the park while holding hands.  The nice thing about Elin is that in addition to her wonderful singing, she likes to pose in bikinis.

Isn’t that nice?

More of Elin after the jump

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May 30 2009

The Weekend Wash: A Great Inner Monologue, Click a Chick, and More Mary Castro

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Click on the photo to see the rest of what this guy is thinking

What the —- did that kid just call me a homo?  That kid’s like 7 years old!  I can’t just let someone call me a homo, even if he’s only 7.  I mean, I don’t care what that kid thinks of me.  I’m way better than him anyway.  I’ve got a job.

More humor at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Wash

Another great episode of Click a Chick – [Bustedcoverage]

I couldn’t get enough of Mary Castro yesterday – [Gorillamask]

Boobs and Animals, Animals and Boobs – [Sublime Blog]

How to tell if she has fake boobs – [COED Magazine]

Fat Spiderman owned by pigeons – [Doubleviking]

Senor Wences at the National Spelling Bee – [1530 Homer]

Top ten most bizarre game power-ups – [Asylum]

Very funny and climactic “O” faces on animals – [Regretfulmorning]

Runway Model gets very wet – [Manofest]

When it’s art then it’s 100% acceptable – [Attuworld]

When the Japanese bikini girls go bowling – [Flabber]

If Dorothy from Wizard of OZ stepped into Boogie nights – [Atom]

Gail O’Grady has some nice MILF boob action – [The Grumpiest]

Luigi finally snaps at Mario – [Collegehumor]

Kimberly Jones is quite attractive – [On205th]

Cleveland offended by crappy Cleveland tourist videos – [Barstoolsports]

The top 10 movie trailer recuts – [Celebrity Odor]

Tennis star with HUGE bombs to get them reduced? – [Withleather]

Russian Guy hangs himself while working – [Totally Crap]

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May 29 2009

Mary Castro Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more Mary Castro

For those of you unfamiliar wtih Mary Castro then shame on you.  I’ve featured her in this site before and I’m actually upset at myself for not having posted her again.  Her body is just that good.  Sorry Mary and if you ever want me to repay you in any way physically, just let me know.

More hot bodies at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

Camila Tina Becca Moon Myspace Natasha Kim K Akerman

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May 29 2009

Whatever Happened to That Little Punk From Problem Child?

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Michael OliverMichael Oliver

You all know and love this kid as “Junior” from Problem Child.  This annoying, yet kind of smart bowtied menace shook up theaters and families as the virtual son of Satan.  OK no he didn’t but did you ever wonder what happened to this kid?

Born Michael Oliverius in Los Angeles, California, Oliver’s career started at the age of 2. His first job was as a model in a Sears catalog. At age 6, he appeared in a Chevron commercial where he wore glasses and had his voice dubbed over. After seeing Oliver in the Chevron commercial, a casting agent for the film Problem Child tracked Oliver down and cast him in the role days later.

So what’s the little pain in the ass up to now?

Oliver has been involved as a crew member for The Samples and Nural music groups in recent years.  Which means he smokes a ton of pot and probably masturbates a ton.

Red heads are crazy

Michael Oliver Michael Oliver Michael Oliver

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May 29 2009

Jesse Ventura Interviews Andre the Giant on “The Body Shop”

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Not nearly as good as Piper’s Pit but you have to admit “Axel F” towards the end of this clip is borderline amazing.

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May 29 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Possibly the Hottest Patriots Cheerleader, Alysha Castonguay

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Alysha Castonguay

I could have just as easily titled this article “Miss Rhode Island 2009, Alysha Castonguay” but what would be the fun in that?  You know how we do here.  Cheerleaders take precedence over most things….except porn.

In any event here’s a little some some on Alysha in case you need to know

In her free time, Alysha enjoys singing, spending time with her family and dogs (Molly and Pom-Pom), and watching her brother play baseball. Alysha is also a financial consultant representative for Bank of America.

Beauty, brains, body, cheerleader.  Sounds like a lovely combo to me.

More of Alysha after the jump

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May 29 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Who’s the Boss

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The Boss

This guy’s the boss!  At least that’s what he calls himself.  Other than tattoos being draped all over this guy’s arm I can’t give him too much criticism.  Plus he’s looking at boobies up above.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

Matt, if you’re out there reading this, he’s your long lost cousin and don’t tell me any different.

OK that’s the last private joke I’ll ever write on here.  I have a small penis.  We good now?  OK.


The Boss The Boss The Boss

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May 29 2009

By Far the Worst News of the Week: Tennis Player Simona Halep to Have Breast Reduction

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Simona Halep

My buddies at Total Pro Sports and Withleather have already commented on the subject but I felt I just had to.

In case you guys don’t know:

Earlier this month in an interview with the Romanian site ProSport, Simona Halep stated her wishes to have breast reduction surgery. Upon explaining her reasoning behind such a decision, she pointed to the added weight and difficulty in carrying her jugs over to every ball that gets hit her way.

I do not believe that physical appearance has an effect on performance, so I help with anything in the sport.  My mind bust when I go on the field and even if I were sporting, I would have felt very good. (My Breasts) inconvenience me, it’s very hard with them. It’s a weight in addition to confound me speed response. I can not go on very well. Shoot me down. Nothing in life is not like me even though sport was not all I was doing surgery”, revealed Halep. “Surgical intervention should take place last year, but probably will use it in autumn, because the postponement might cause problems in the column.”

Pictures and more after the jump

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