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Apr 29 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: They Call Him Crazy Al

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Crazy Al

You know something?  I’ll bet that no one calls him crazy Al.  Al made that name up all by himself so he could seem tough.  Kind of like in Revenge of the Nerds II when that tool who was in the movie Lucas was called Tiny.

And then in the Greek Fraternity Council meeting he made Rodge change his name to “Meat” even though everyone knew he had a tiny penis.  Wait a second, what was I saying?

Who cares, Revenge of Nerds II wasn’t even that bad in my opinion.

Crazy Alballs!

Crazy Al Crazy Al Crazy Al

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  • urGAY

    This website is corny .. Yall niggaz losers get a fucking life u computer nerds yall get beat down that’s why u hide behind somputer screens talking shit . N no this aint crazy al … but who ever made this shit if u think yall tuff come see me n lets fight pussy . Metro n woodhaven .. A eze << holla



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