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Apr 27 2009

Look-Alikes of the Week: Russell Brand and Luis Scola

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Brand Scola

I noticed this thing a long time ago and I simply never brought it to anyone’s attention, but can you believe the resemblance of these two?  And this isn’t to make fun of either but both Russell Brand and Luis Scola have got that “missing link” thing going on don’t they?

I’m not 100% sure what’s up with Scola’s face though.  I’ve never been quite certain if he has scarring, a birth defect, or it’s just his teeth.  It might also be all of the above.  Either way, guy has been solid in the playoffs and he’s a very good player for the Rockets.

Brand on the other hand?  I just think Brand is a complete wacko and could easily look normal if he wanted to.

In any event these guys are definitely long lost brothers.

Brand Scola Brand Scola

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3 responses so far

  • Radiant_Heart

    Uhhhhhmm, I STRONGLY disagree with your perception here Natty.

  • Triton2toro

    I’m totally on board with this one. Every time I see the Rockets play I think to myself, ” Hey, check out Aldous Snow is playing power forward.”

  • JP

    aw man got this one right all day. all just saw this guy on tv in a suit on the red carpet and stuff and im like “SCOLA!” then he gets and an interview and im thinkin its HIM the whole time til I turned up the volume. should have known tho, Scola’s too stiff.



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