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Apr 21 2009

Stripper Attacked by Stiletto Shoe on her First Day of the Job

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A 52-year-old woman was attacked on her first day as an exotic dancer by a jealous co-worker wielding a stiletto heel, police said. Akron police Lt. Rick Edwards said the woman was assailed Friday night by a co-worker who didn’t think the club needed more dancers. One of the dancers took her stiletto and repeatedly struck the woman in the face as she walked into the basement dressing room, police said.

The woman was treated at a hospital and received seven staples. She has declined to press charges against her assailant. Police say the woman took the job because she needed the extra money. She has refused to talk to police about what happened.

Here are three phrases you probably don’t ever want to utter if you’re a woman:  “I’m from Akron.  I’m 52 years old.  I’m a stripper.”  The last phrase you don’t want to say?  “Another stripper stabbed me seven times in the face with her shoe on my first day.”

Ah yes, the good ‘ol stripper tales.  I wish I could participate in a round table discussion with about 20 strippers all sharing tales from the pole.  Actually wait.

Is that not an awesome idea for a reality show?  “Tales from the Pole.”  It would be a show chronicling the lives of strippers and the crap they have to put up with on a daily basis.

Kind of like that hooker show on HBO but this one would have some “class.”  I think it’d be a winner.  In any event, my heart goes out to the woman whose face is now stapled.

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