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Apr 21 2009

5 Pretty Awesome Diving Videos

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High Diver

I remember when I was a kid and I tried to do a flip off the high diving board at our local pool.  It was one of the worst belly flops of all time.  Thank God my testicles weren’t fully developed yet or I’d have probably felt it for over a week.

Ever since that day I haven’t tried to dive off of a high diving board.  I love jumping off of them, just not diving.  That’s why you really have to appreciate those that not only have the courage to dive from over 100 ft up in the air, but these guys do flips, pikes, you name it.

That or they wind up completely getting drilled by the water.

Enjoy these five diving videos

172 Ft Triple Flip

This is unbelievable.  I would be scared out of my ass to be that high up let alone to jump off and land in water.

World Record Belly Flop

Those crazy Japanese!

Arm Stand High Dive

See video number one, same thing.

A Great Back Flop off a Platform


Indiana Bloopers

Solid compilation here.

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