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Apr 16 2009

10 Awesome Videos of Reporters Being Owned

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For the most part, being a news reporter is a fun job.  You get to go to cool locations, interview interesting people, and hell, you get to be on television.  Obviously however, with every positive to a job there are certainly some drawbacks.

On occasion you might have to sit through a hurricane, get in the middle of a riot, or deal with some really really pissed off people.  And if those things happen, then sometimes you might have to consider yourself owned.

Check out these 10 videos of reporters getting owned

Jim Rome Worked by Jim Everett

You Think Wrestling is Fake?

Illegal Dogfighting Guy is Pissed

Um, it’s Not the Media’s Fault

Reports Gets Owned by Kids

Bjork does NOT like Reporters

Soccer fans are really inappropriate

Chuck Liddel Packs a Mean Punch

Drilled by a Cricket Ball

Reporter Drilled by a Mule

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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