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Apr 15 2009

10 of the Ballsiest Surprise Wedding Dances

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Given that my wedding is coming up I’ve been thinking of some stuff to consider when it comes to the reception.  I personally don’t know if I have the balls to do something as daring as a choreographed dance but I’m thinking I’ve got to do at least something out of the ordinary.

I mean weddings are supposed to be a special time filled with joy, love, and hopefully laughter.  Personally I’m a huge fan of those couples that don’t take it so damned seriously.

Whether it’s a couple dancing, a father/daughter, or even the groomsmen putting on a show, here are 10 of the ballsiest surprise wedding dances.

The Baby Got Back Dance

This guy’s pretty good

Overweight Couple with Rhythm Rules

The Wedding Thriller

Fat Guy Doing Elvis

Hip Hop Surprise

What the hell is this?

I Just like this one because the girl is pretty hot

The Right Stuff New Kids on the Block Father/Daughter

Father/Daughter Soulja Boy

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