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Apr 08 2009

A Collection of 10 Dumb but Kind of Funny Inventions

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Funny Invention

The first hands free cell phone

I know that Carrot Top gets made fun of all the time.  Yes he looks freakish and yes I would be very very scared to shake his hand.  And I know that his humor is childish and lame.  But you have to admit some of the crap he comes up with is pretty funny.

In that same breath, people come up with useless inventions all the time.  Some are oddly enough, practical, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look completely ridiculous.

Here are 10 dumb but kind of funny inventions

The Japanese Pillow

Funny Invention

The Orange Juice Maker

Funny Invention

Toilet Office Chair

Funny Invention

Noodle Cooler

Funny Invention

Mammogram Test

Funny Invention

Brain Massager

Funny Invention

No Spillage

Funny Invention

The Subway Fastener

Funny Invention

Fake Breasts For Breastfeeding

Funny Invention

The Steps Shelf

Funny Invention

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