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Apr 07 2009

Uncoached Moment: The Death of Kal Penn AKA Dr. Kutner

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I happen to be a pretty big fan of the show House on Fox.  And while I think the show has steadily declined over the past few years it’s still a great show.  I guess it’s kind of tough to come up with new cases each week and not eventually get bored.

So this season they’re certainly adding more and more drama to the characters.  But I have to say I just feel like half the show is spent focusing on one character analyzing another.   And while it’s still entertaining….  OK, we get it, House is a complex, depressed dude.  Can we move on?  And good Lord can we stop having House flirt with Cuddy?  She’s NOT attractive, thanks.

But last night threw us all for a loop when we find that Dr. Kutner AKA Taj AKA Kumar AKA Kal Penn shoots himself.  It pretty much came out of nowhere and has prompted “Kal Penn Death” searches all over the internet.

Don’t worry guys, Taj is alive and well.  And hopefully the man is plotting some kind of new Van Wilder/Kumar movie.  Kal Penn, wherever you are, I hope your death brings new life.  RIP buddy.

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  • chris

    man this just sucks, kutner was my favorite character on the show. thankfully season 5 started recently in germany so i still can enjoy kumar givin brilliant diagnoses

  • E

    He is going to work in politics as the Associate Director in the White House office of public liason.

  • http://www.theworldofisaac.com Isaac

    dammit…was at the NC game last night and missed the episode…

    saw this on my RSS feed…pretty surprising

  • jack

    yeah ol kal penn is quitting acting for a while to work as a pr guy for the obama white house. moron. let’s see: sex with hot chicks in hollywood or flunkie for an overrated douche bag who can read teleprompters real good? oh yeah, the latter, of course. whatever. he was annoying on the show anyway.

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  • brickjames

    damn jack, damn… did you just call barack an overrated douche bag who can read teleprompters real good? damn. smh man.
    you know dude’s a lot more than that man.



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