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Apr 06 2009

Doesn’t Derek Lowe Look like Steven Seagal?

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As I watched Derek Lowe dismantle the Phillies lineup last night (and then nearly soil myself because I have Mike Gonzalez on my fantasy team), I realized something kind of obvious that I had realized before.  The man looks a hell of a lot like Steven Seagal.

Other than Lowe getting a haircut and looking a bit cleaned up, you can’t deny that both of these guys kind of have that eskimo face look.  I don’t know Lowe’s antics off the field or if he’s some kind of monk, but I would really love to see both of these guys on camera together.

Mainly just to watch Seagal punch someone in the face who looks just like him and say something along the lines of “I don’t have a brother, f&^k you for telling me you’re my brother.”

Seagal Lowe Seagal Lowe

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