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Apr 05 2009

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: The Image Definition of Douchesexual

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According to Urban Dictionary a meterosexual is given the following definitions:

A person (typically male) who takes pride in his appearance, dresses impeccably, goes for facials, expensive hair cuts and things of that nature. They are often assumed to be gay.


A man who is heterosexual, and yet is very feminine. Someone who is meterosexual can sometimes be mistaken for a person who is homosexual, because it is a stereotypical belief that gay men are “feminine.”

And in my eyes, this person also has the common traits that most of us males would associate with the word “douchebag.”  Even though a douchebag is technically a woman’s product, it’s most commonly used to describe those that I post in “The Myspace Toolbox.”

Thus when you combine Douchebag and Meterosexual you get Douchesexual.  I created a new word!

*Also I guess I should add that carrying pink drinks doesn’t help either.

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