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Apr 03 2009

The Ultimate Warrior Before He Was The Ultimate Warrior

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Well, I brought you the debut of The Ultimate Warrior a couple of weeks ago.  Little did I know that this guy was in another Pro Wrestling franchise prior to the WWF.

In fact he was in two.   This clip is from Texas based World Class Championship Wrestling.    In this circuit he wrestled for 50 bucks a night and got the name “Dingo Warrior” after another wrestler remarked he looked like a warrior (and probably a moron too).

I had no idea this guy’s real last name was Hellwig.  You learn something new everyday.

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  • http://www.desertdiamondcasinoaz.com DesertDiamondCasinoAZ

    hahahaha, long time ago.

  • TH

    He had a pretty hot wife named Terri that was a topless dancer in Dallas. Danced at the Million Dollar. Last I remember they moved out to California for a while and then showed up back in Dallas with kid.

  • pachuco

    He started wrestling with Sting as a tag team.

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  • Lynn Angela Pisco

    I think he’s amazing for what he does inside the ring . At his age of 50 and still managed to used his ultimate moves deserves to be recognized by it . Also I truly believe that if he can make his return into Monday night’s Raw event and become as a ” special surprise ” guest host, sooner or later all hell will broken loose and fans in the entire arena will go hay wired it seems also he might challege against ” The Legend Killer himself Randy Orton instead of Jon Cena of course will be totally surprise indeed . Come on now he still got it after all he is the one and only ” The Ultimate Warrior ” ! And deserves to be conducted into the W.W.E. Hall of Fame as well no doubt .



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