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Apr 30 2009

Diora Baird Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more Diora Baird

And as each day gets closer to my marriage so does my hunger for women like this.  Oh come on Natty.  It’s not like you were getting this before.  It’s all an illusion.  It’s all chicken in the end.  None of this matters dammit.  None of it.  At least I keep telling myself that.

More illusions at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Gina Michelle WoW Nameless Tianna Maliah Coelho Tattoo

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Apr 30 2009

15 Houses That Would be Weird to Own

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Strange Homes

One day when I can scrape up enough cash and there’s a little one on the way, I will most likely purchase a home.  And while that home might not necessarily be my dream home, at least it’ll be mine.  I’ll own it, tend to it, have company over, and it’ll be my little piece on this earth.

Perhaps someday I will own a big home, and bigger piece of earth.  And if I really want to get fancy, perhaps I’ll build a home on a cliff, chop out some ice, or even climb up a tree and build it amongst the wilderness.

It’s all about one’s taste I guess.   Could I buy one of these 15 homes and live in one?  I gotta be honest, I’m really not sure

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Apr 30 2009

I Really Hope This Kid Becomes Famous

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I’m in awe that there are really people out there that are like this.  I mean you got dudes like that “Leave her alone!” Britney Spears guy who just want attention.

But this dude?  This is just a 100% virgin dorky guy who really has something to say about the Eminem video.  And if it weren’t for Youtube I’d have never stumbled across him.

Buddy, whoever you are, I’m getting you laid.

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Apr 30 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Taiwanese Supermodel Ruru Lin Wei Ru

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Ruru Lin

I just want to congratulate Ruru Lin Wei Ru, or as I affectionately call her “Ruru,” for being the first lady from Taiwan to grace the pages of Uncoached.  It’s truly an honor to have you here Ruru.

And my first order of business is asking Ruru a question or two.  One.  What’s up with this Cosplay stuff?  Ruru replies “What, you don’t want to see me dressed as Princess Leia?”  Well that’s the end of that debate.

Question two:  Bukakke, What’s the deal?  Answer.  “I’m not Japanese a**hole.”

Hmm.  Well that takes care of that.  More Ruru after the jump

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Apr 30 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Trigger Happi

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Trigger Happy

I’m not quite sure what to make of Mr. Trigger Happi.  There’s a part of me that thinks this guy developed from the past.  He wears the white suit with black, and I feel like I could have found him searching for “lame 70′s high school photos.”

Nevertheless he’s trigger happy but with an “i” so we should all be careful.  Plus I don’t know who that old guy is in the picture below.  If his name is Franky I’d like to meet him.


Trigger Happy Trigger Happy Trigger Happy

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Apr 30 2009

The Least Interesting News All Day: A-Rod, Steroids, High School, Who Cares….

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Relaying details from an upcoming book on Alex Rodriguez by Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts, the New York Daily News reports today that Rodriguez may have started taking steroids as early as high school and is suspected of continuing his use of performance-enhancing drugs with the New York Yankees.

Here’s what would be way more interesting.  If they could somehow find a link between steroid use, a strange attraction to manly women, and acting like a complete metero and sometimes homosexual, well then you’d A.  Have a story and B.  More than likely have a strong reduction in steroid use across America.

By the way, does anyone else find it completely appropriate that there’s a giant heading “Golden Girl” right under A-Rod’s picture?

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Apr 30 2009

I Like to Watch This Particular Celtics Dancer Off the Court

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Celtics Dancers

Ah yes, Playoff time.  As the dudes in green keep hope alive (despite not having Garnett and delaying their eventual inevitable exit from the playoffs), I can’t help but notice that the ladies in green AKA the Celtics Dancers really know how to keep things frisky.  I’m particularly referring to the lovely lady up top.

We’ll call her Ashley M.   Ashley or shall I say one of Ashley’s friends was nice enough to share a batch of photos that display some of Ashley’s extracurricular activities.

It’s a shame I don’t see too many team photos but sometimes birds aren’t meant to be caged.  Their feathers are just too bright.

See Ashley in all her glory after the jump

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Apr 30 2009

10 Movies That will Inevitably Make Your Penis Smaller

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Sex and the City

If there’s one thing I’m 100% ashamed of in this world, it’s having seen 10 minutes of the movie Sex and the City.  What pains me even more is that I had to endure 10 seconds of Cynthia Nixon being taken from behind by a dude in classes.  It’s a vision that still gives me nightmares, and will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

One thing I also noticed is that as I was watching this movie, every ounce of masculinity was being taken from me.  It’s like I wanted to paint my nails and go shopping.  I was scared, alone, and destitute.  But I quickly turned on some porn and life returned to normal.

However, if you ever want to go limp or better yet, watch your penis shrivel before your eyes, you might want to check out these 10 flicks.

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Apr 30 2009

Thursday’s Throwdown: Oregon Cheerleaders Step In, Redneck Cakes, and The Local Smokeshow

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Click on the photo for more Oregon Cheerleaders

For a while it was the luscious ladies of USC that were stealing our hearts.  But as time goes on, more and more sexy collegiate cheering squads are coming out of the woodwork.  And thank God for that.  Now my life is even harder…whatever that means.

More cheerleading at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

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The Throwdown

A wonderful collection of redneck cakes – [I Love Bacon]

Sexy Asian Molly is the local smokeshow of the day – [Barstool Sports]

Girls explain the legend of “Tit Monday” – [FHM]

Obama’s First 100 Babes – [COED Magazine]

Carmen Electra sporting everlasting cleavage – [The Grumpiest]

An optimistic anthem for the normal schlub – [Collegehumor]

Denise Richards shows off her little Richards – [Meet the Famous]

Paying 225 Grand for a butt slap – [Asylum]

Hilary Duff looking busty in her short shorts – [NS4W]

Top ten Grandmas I’d like to ….. – [Attuworld]

I love when Kim Kardashian does anything – [Dirty Rotten] (NSFW Ads)

Guess Lindsay Lohan’s muff – [Cityrag]

When Popeyes runs out of chicken – [Blog of Hilarity]

Mexican Hottie Vanessa Claudio – [Cameltap]

This is the best car bumper in the world – [Bits and Pieces]

Get a load of Arielle Kebbel – [Funtasticus]

The sexiest reporter ever carries a gun – [Flabber]

Music video dedicated to loving plus size women – [Atom]

A gallery of celebrity side boobs – [Gunaxin]

A gallery of sexy beer girls – [Humorpass]

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Apr 29 2009

The Athlete’s Blond Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more blond vs blond

It’s a battle here in New York sports.   And it’s not over who is the better athlete. It’s about who gets the better blond.  The battle starts with Joba Chamberlain of the New York Yankees and Marc Sanchez of the New York Jets.  Personally I don’t think anyone loses.

For more blondies go to Uncoached’s Facebook Group

The Portfolio

Sarah Fox Hooters Tila Edita Kelly Fight Anna

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