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Mar 28 2009

Sexy Saturday: Venezuelan Beauty Eileen Abad

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Eileen Abad

So she’s 35, is from Venezuela, and is an actress.  Meet the sexy Eileen Abad.  You may have seen her in Buenos Noches Uncoached: I will Torture you because I’m hot and from Venezuela and would never give you the time of day in a bar.

Is that even how you spell night time?  I took French in high school.  I guess that makes me a tool.  Whatever man.  I know that if I had Eileen alone for one night she’d would definitely talk to me and most likely say,  “Hola Toolbox.”

Is anyone reading this crap?  It’s a Saturday and I’m very hungover.

Good pictures though!

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Mar 28 2009

The Weekend Wash: Anna Tries Beer Pong, The Sports Franchise Celebrity Connection, and Favorite Things

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Click on the photo for Kournikova playing beer pong

It was a big highlight this week and every male was salivating as Anna Kournikova geared up to play beer bong against Jimmy Fallon.   Personally I’d rather see her play a lot of tennis again.  Even though she kind of sucked it was nice to watch her in those little skirts.  Other than that I’m exhausted.

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The Wash

Celebrities as sports franchises – [Extramustard]

These are a few of my favorite things – [Gorillamask]

Guy really wanted to make Shawn’s taco pop – [Withleather]

23-Year-Old hot brunette Nina Churchill – [COED Magazine]

Just let dogs do whatever they want – [Holytaco]

Vikki Blows in Loaded 2009 – [Totally Crap]

Top 5 Movie Concepts that have been beaten to death – [Meet The Famous]

She’s quite the talker – [Manofest]

All I want is a disco ball keg – [On205th]

This cute is more than likely a racist – [HGOM]

Get a load of the Pope’s new condoms – [The Sublime Blog]

I got my eye on you (Caption the picture) – [Doubleviking]

Tennessee is considering a Saggy Pants bill – [Nextround]

Tila Tequila wears cheap T-Shirts – [Don Chavez]

The greatest ocean predator of all time – [Asylum]

There’s a reason I’m really psyched for Oktober – [Tastybooze]

A very funny Frenc upskirts video – [Cameltap]

The women of scrubs season 8 – [Gunaxin]

Blake lively showing off the legs – [Celebrity Odor]

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Mar 27 2009

Nicky Whelan Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Nicky

If you head down to Australia you might recognize this girl.  Her name is Nicky Whelan and she is a back to back winner of the “sport model of the year” award.  Does anyone know what that means?  I haven’t the slightest clue.  But she’s hot, thus I’ve put her up here.  Thank you.

More “sport models” at Uncoached’s Facebook Group

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Rebecca Cars Veronika Price Geri Veasley Zaetta Shannon

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Mar 27 2009

15 Randomly Awesome Pictures To Round out The Week Part 3

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Random Pictures

It’s that time again folks.  Out of curiosity, how was everyone’s week?  Did all of you have a wonderful time?  Let me explain to you a bit about my week.  I masturbated at least 46 times.  Subtract 46 from that and you’d have my real number.  Yes that’s correct, zero.  This might be the longest I’ve ever gone without letting a few parts of me fly.

Why do I bring this up?  Well because as random as it is to be posting pictures that have nothing to do with anything, I’d say my playing with myself constitutes having nothing to do with anything as well.

That and I’m trying to fill up a little space here to make myself look productive to you readers.

Enjoy these 15 random pictures

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Mar 27 2009

Japanese Gameshow Time: More Funny Stuff with Pantyhose

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I’ve brought you the pantyhose tug of war.  Now I’m bringing you some show that simply decides to put pantyhose on people’s heads and pulls it up so their face smushes up, thus making the audience (and me) laugh their asses off.

If I ever get tired of this show it’s probably because someone is sticking a knife in my back.  Even then I still think I’d be laughing.  Thank God for the Japanese.  American TV sucks.

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Mar 27 2009

She’s Uncoachable: One of the Best Playboy Cybergirls, Stephanie Strong

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Stephanie Strong

First of all, Stephanie Strong is from Kentucky and is 22-Years-Old.  That in itself is virtually illegal.  It tortures me to no end to know that this girl has probably worn cowboy boots and a hat and actually meant it.  Like she wore that because it was part of her life.  As far as who she is.  Here’s a bit from her Myspace Profile

I’m currently in school and am looking for a fulltime job as well.“I like kicking the soccer ball around or practicing tennis,” she says, “but I need to find someone to play with me.” Anyone game? She says she loves TV and can’t watch enough of it, which has inspired plans to enroll in acting class. Won’t be long before Stephanie makes her leap from the green to the big screen

I still can’t stop thinking about her in cowboy boots….just cowboy boots.  Oh Lord, plus she probably has a Southern accent.

More of Stephanie after the jump

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Mar 27 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Don is Strapped in British Columbia

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What the hell does this mean?  What in God’s name are you doing being strapped, white, and into hardcore gangsta sh*t in British Columbia for?  Dude you’re in Canada?

The most action you’ll see is an old woman possibly complaining on the grocery line.  Do you need to make trouble over there?  Is that this new Tool movement in Canada now?

Give it a rest and go play some hockey dude.

Don Don Don

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Mar 27 2009

What Would You Do if You Could Live 1000 Years?

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Recently I read the following quote from Dailygalaxy:

Cambridge University geneticist Aubrey de Grey has famously stated, “The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today …whether they realize it or not, barring accidents and suicide, most people now 40 years or younger can expect to live for centuries.”

Another professor had this to say:

“Twenty years ago the idea of postponing aging, let alone reversing it, was weird and off-the-wall. Today there are good reasons for thinking it is fundamentally possible.”

This begs the question.  If you had 1000 years to live, what would you do?

Personally I know I’m a miserable human being so the idea of living 1000 years let alone 100 is probably too much to bear.  However, if I did HAVE to live for that long find out what I’d do after the jump:

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Mar 27 2009

20 Amateur Style Hot Girl Pictures That You’d Forward to a Friend

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Random Hot Girls

I don’t know about you guys but at least once a day I’ll see a picture of a female that I’ve never seen before and forward it to a friend.  Many times they are of pictures of women I’d never heard of and the pictures are clearly professionally done.   On the other hand, there are those pictures that you send that are of girls having a good time.

Whether it’s an amateur drunk shot, college girls having fun or some weird parade, it doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that these pictures elicit responses that signal a certain wavelength you are on.  For example you may forward a picture that reads “Best. Picture. Ever.”  Or perhaps you might write “You’ll never ever have sex with this girl.”

I think you guys get my drift.  Well I’ve found 20 pictures that are that exact type.


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Mar 27 2009

The Most Obscure Players to Score 50 Pts Or More in an NBA Game

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50 Point Scorers

Scoring 50 points in a basketball game is a tremendous feat.  Notice I just said basketball game.  I remember scoring 33 when I was on Junior Varsity in High School.  It felt like I scored 100 points.  And I was still 17 points away.    So imagine not only scoring 50 points in one game, but 50 in an NBA game.

Sometimes I find myself laughing when I say an NBA player sucks.  I mean the dude is 1000 times better than I’ll ever be.  And I know I’m just referring to his NBA skill vs. other NBA player skills.  Still though, it’s weird.

In any event, I’d like to give credit to those players whose names you might not know as being guys in the 50 pt club.

Here are a bunch of guys that scored 50 or more points in one game at the NBA level.

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