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Mar 30 2009

When Children’s Drawings Go Wrong

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Kids Drawings

The one great thing about children is that many of them have vivid imaginations.  However, those imaginations can be brought to life in ways some people wish they hadn’t been.  For example, if a child has a bad home life, they might reflect that home life in a story, song, picture, etc etc.

While all of these pictures I’m about to share are pretty damned funny, the unfortunate thing about is that they probably would never have been drawn had it not been for the stupidity of their parents.

Nevertheless, here are some great examples of when children’s drawings go bad

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Mar 30 2009

How They Use Condoms in Japan

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Obviously this video is solid enough what with all the giant condoms being blown up to help the fans sing some chant song.  But it’s that the guy filming this this is American.

You keep hearing him say “wonderful” towards the end.  I assume his love for the Japanese mirrors mine.  Only this guy is well ahead of me because he actually made the trip there.

Tell you what readers.  If you each send me a buck and fund my trip, I will go on Japan and make 10 amazing videos to post on this site.


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Mar 30 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Reality Star and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Melissa Rycroft

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Melissa Rycroft

Oh my God!  Melissa Rycroft has a new boyfriend!  Oh my God!  What the hell is with news like this?  Who the hell cares?  What’s important is that Melissa is hot enough and good enough to be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys.

What’s also good enough or bad enough is that she got kicked off of “The Bachelor.”  But most importantly is that Melissa was/is a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.”  So if you’ve missed her at a Cowboy’s halftime you can now watch her dance for real in sexy outfits without the rest of her cheermates.

If you don’t know who she is at all, then these pictures will be of good service to you

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Mar 30 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Ladies Man but He Smacks Thugz

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Smack Thug

Either one is a tool

But don’t take it from me. This winner puts it in his own font:  “LaDieS MaN BuT The BOy sMAcKS THuGz”  If there’s one funny thing about this dude’s profile, it’s that he puts “smitten” as his mood.

And by funny I mean the definition where it means “I’d love nothing more than to beat this guy up while he were on the ground pleading for me to stop hitting him.”

Funny Guy!

Smack Thug Smack Thug Smack Thug

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Mar 30 2009

I Was Quoted Like a Moron in the Ashley Biden NY Post Article

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If any of you read my Ashley Biden story a while back it comes as no surprise that you’ve been reading about her recently.  Allegations have been forming of a video that contained the VP’s daughter snorting cocaine.

So given that my article about her past pot possession charge was written,  yesterday I received a call from the NY Post’s writer Dan Mangan.

Here are a few quotes Dan used that really disturbed me, and I shall elaborate on them.

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Mar 30 2009

Why I Miss College: Because of The Best Body at Duke University

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Duke Best Body

I’d like to congratulate Jane on having what I believe to be the best body at Duke University.   And of course this makes me miss college.  Because many of the fellas at Duke who could never land a girl that looks like this in the real world, all have a decent shot next year.   And who knows who had a shot this year.

You see Jane is going to be graduating in 2012 which means she’s still young for Duke.  There are still nearly 3 years left for her to put on significant weight.  However, given her tan and penchant for partying with Duke basketball players, the smart money says this girl is going to stay in top form for a long time.

Jane, I just want to thank you for giving me another moment that gets me that much closer to suicide.  It’s pictures like these that are the building blocks to me having to either start an adult fraternity (which will inevitably fail) or a bar which I have no patience for.

Either way, I’m 30 now and just can’t do it anymore.  Good God, is life this bad?  After you see these pictures you might realize that yes, it is.

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Mar 30 2009

5 Amazingly Hardcore Rugby Hits Videos

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If anyone here has ever been to a Rugby game then you’ll understand what I’m about to say.  For those of you that haven’t, I suggest you try and make your way to one.  While the sport itself isn’t as exciting as American Football, it’s way more hardcore.  Don’t get me wrong, guys in the NFL are amongst the toughest guys in the world.

I mean where else does a guy break his arm, tear a ligament, or dislocate a shoulder and come back into the SAME game?  I don’t deny the toughness of the NFL in any way.  However, when you take the same intensity and same kind of brutal violence and subtract pads?

Well then my friends you have the only sport that could possibly make NFL players look like a bunch of pansies.

Check out these Rugby hits.  This isn’t for the weak

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Mar 30 2009

Monday Madness: A Letter to Megan Fox, How to Sell a Burger, and Celebrities Touching

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Megan Fox

Click on the photo for a message to Megan Fox

As most of you know, Megan Fox is single.   And while I imagine she’s been receiving tons of psycho emails and letters from fans, there’s one letter that I think Megan should probably pay attention to.  Click on the links or photo above to check it out.  Nicely done by my guys at Holytaco.

For more letter material go to Uncoached’s Facebook Group

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The Madness

A hot chick licking herself is how to sell a burger – [Totally Crap]

Celebrities need touching (from me) – [Cityrag]

Katie Holmes looked really hot back in 2004 – [Usemycomputer]

Old people love to play Wii (funny pictures) – [Funtasticus]

Who Should play Monica Lewinsky in the Clinton movie? – [Asylum]

The sexiest Sci-Fi movie sex scenes – [The Sublime Blog]

I think it’s safe to saying anything with “Cock Shot” is funny – [Spike]

Playing house arrest with Andy Dick and Stiffler’s Mom – [Atom]

Cassi is the sexiest new girl next door – [Bullzeye]

This is the guy you get back at in 10 years – [Collegehumor]

The 10 Funniest Freudian Slips in TV History – [Manofest]

Very Strange scultpures in public places – [Darkroastedblend]

Lindsay Lohan’s career officially over? – [Attuworld]

Check out some of this artificially intelligent graffiti – [Flabber]

Dayana Mendoza looking mighty good in a bikini – [DJ Mick]

Painting a room never looked so sexy – [Don Chavez]

Has Patrick Ewing become “that guy?” – [In Game Now]

Another Busty Brit Casey Batchelor – [Gunaxin]

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Mar 29 2009

Sunday’s Picture of the Week: Prince Charles is Digging It

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It’s not quite George Bush slapping the ass of a volleyball player, but you can tell that good old Prince Charles is getting those hands ready.

A lap dance to the person who can come up with the best quote for what Charles is thinking at that very moment.

My money is on “If only those two little pukes were here to see this. But I’m sure William is being gay somewhere, and Harry is probably getting laid.  Damn that kid.”

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Mar 29 2009

Sports Sunday: Sumo Wrestling is No Joke…Well it Kind of Is

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If any of you have ever seen the movie The Replacements one would think that a Sumo wrestler would be a perfect fit for an offensive line.  Not quite sure why there aren’t more Japanese dudes in the NFL.

In any event, I’m not posting this video because I’m so impressed with Sumo guys.  Well, it is impressive how tough they are.  I mean you’re talking guys weighing 350 and up bashing the hell out of each other in a tiny ring.  It’s really amazing.

But I’m simply laughing once again at the Japanese.  Do you really have to make these guys wear diapers?  God I love the Japanese

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