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Mar 31 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Joey Pops is Still Singleeee

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Joey Pops

What the hell is singley?  Dude if you want to emphasis single, use the world singllllllllle.  But do you really want to be advertising this? I saw Joey’s profile over a year ago and in fact did a post on it.

Is it a surprise that Pops is still single?  Um, no.  I would imagine that the more than likely instance of Herpes and Warts increases those chances.  Spend more time on being a person and less on being a total douche in the pants.

Thank you

Joey Pops Joey Pops Joey Pops Joey Pops

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5 responses so far

  • J

    What a tool. Why do all of these guys look like complete jerk-offs? Also, what’s with the fucking pursed lips all the time? Shitbags.

  • Freddo

    I was gonna ask the same thing. Shitbags and morons.

  • John

    LOLOL this is fucking great i went to high school with this kid, and he used to get the shit beaten out of him so often that he had to hire his own security guard to walk him from class to class

  • Teddy

    Only females and homos do the kissy face. Gay ass dude.

  • http://MyFarewells.com Joey Pops

    Oh really john I use to get beat up all the time ha thats funny for the fact I golt exspelled cuz i got in mad fights which trust me isnt cool. and for the fact that these are the same pcitures from myspace which nobody uses any more and the most funniest of all nobody would dear to fuck with me and if u think ur all hard then come see me and state ur name u fag… I love how this site just loves me like for real they got pics of me when I was what 17 hahaha Im gonna be 20. and the sceurty gueardf was a securty guard he was a fuckin pretty much baby sitter for me cuz they thought I was gonna shoot someone … It was court issued by the school in order to allow me back into school so ha.. Fuck you Bitch!



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