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Mar 31 2009

Exclusive Photos of Professional Athletes at Playboy Golf 2009

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Playboy Golf

Tony Parrish and Bernard Barrian digging the Playboy Golf cart

Thanks to a new partnership with the head of PR for Playboy Golf, Uncoached will now be the first to bring you amazing photos of events held with the beautiful ladies (and guests!) of Playboy Golf.

And it just so happens that recently a few NFL, NBA, and Skiing (yes, a new Bode Miller sighting) gentlemen partook in some long driving activities with a few of the Playmates.  I wonder if they made it to the finals.

Shame on you Andrew Bynum.  Aren’t you suppose to be in rehab preparing for the Playoffs?  I must admit though, Bynum looks pretty suave in his robe.

Photos after the jump

Playboy Golf

It’s nice to know that there’s life after skiing Bode.    And what a life it must be.

Playboy Golf

Roy William and Ken Hamlin aren’t really thinking about football at the moment

Playboy Golf

Shouldn’t you be in practice big guy?  Eh, I wouldn’t be either.

Playboy Golf

Jake Long.  Insert sex joke and the word “long” here.

Playboy Golf

Patrick, where are the ladies big guy?

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