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Mar 30 2009

I Was Quoted Like a Moron in the Ashley Biden NY Post Article

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If any of you read my Ashley Biden story a while back it comes as no surprise that you’ve been reading about her recently.  Allegations have been forming of a video that contained the VP’s daughter snorting cocaine.

So given that my article about her past pot possession charge was written,  yesterday I received a call from the NY Post’s writer Dan Mangan.

Here are a few quotes Dan used that really disturbed me, and I shall elaborate on them.

“She was a hot freshman that every guy wanted to be with,” – ?  Who the hell says that?  I never said that.  I said she was a hot freshman, and naturally since I was older, myself and most of my friends wanted to partake in some fun times with the young lady.

“Everybody at Tulane knew that she was a party girl,” Berman said. “She wore some pretty short shorts — a lot.” – What?  That makes me sound like a I’m a high school groupie.   Yes, the girl wore some short shorts.  But come on Dan.  You and I had a 20 minute phone conversation.  That’s the best you could come up with?  Everybody knew she was a party girl?  God that sounds lame.

“She was freaking out. She was like, ‘I’m in this cell,” “She was not happy.”  The she was not happy part was correct.  But the “She was like?”  Oh come on man.  I don’t use “like” when I speak.  I’m not from the movie Clueless or the show The Hills.  Bottom line is that Ashley was frantic like anyone else would be.  She was nervous that she was behind bars with a bunch of other women who did not exactly look “nice.”

For the record (and you can quote me Dan), Ashley was just as normal as most any other girl.  She tended to drink a bit more and be a bit more wild, but was she anything different from your average college girl?  No.  Is she making poor decisions because of who her father is?  The answer is clearly “yes.”

But I honestly don’t think Ashley is a bad person.  If she’s doing coke a ton, well that’s obviously not the greatest use of judgment.  But as far as her party days at Tulane?  She just lead a college life like most any student.  And if people are still in denial about what goes on at college, well then that’s just dumb, period.

None of this has any bearing on the job that the VP and President can potentially do.  The story will die down and that’s that.

But Dan, buddy, bubby!  If you ever quote me like that again, God help me I’ll come down there and set you straight young man.

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    You are F’d dude I bet the secret service shows up asap

  • Larry

    So you pretty much said exactly what you were quoted as saying, and you’re mad because it makes you sound like a tool? Dude, you are a tool.

  • unmeaty

    I love Tool. Wait. What?

  • Lynn Meyers

    Hey, no worries. It’s about time some of the truth comes out about Ashley Biden. My cousin, a police officer in Delaware, lost his job after arresting Ashley Biden for DUI, ending his career in law enforcement. It is disturbing how this story about her cocaine use is disappearing very, very quickly off websites. How exactly is this happening???

  • http://link Mr.Carrot49

    Institute of Museum and Library Services. ,



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