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Mar 26 2009

The Most Memorable Mascots of Professional Wrestling

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Wrestling Mascots

As most of us older than 10 years old know, pro wrestling is more about entertainment than it is about sport.  Don’t get me wrong, the guys that perform on a night in and night out basis are tremendous atheletes.  They do things in the wring that not even professional atheletes do.  However, let’s face the facts here.  It’s more entertaining and showmanship than anything else.

And what better a way to entertain the crowd than bring in props?  And sometimes those props can be either living things or inanimate objects that take on lives of their own.

Here are the most memorable mascots of professional wrestling

Jake the Snake’s snake Damien

Wrestling Mascots

Nothing was more badass than when Jake would give his opponent a DDT and then let Damien slither all over his victim.  Damien was the real python in the WWF, not Hulk Hogan’s arms.

The British Bulldogs’ bulldog Matilda

Wrestling Mascots

Both cute and badass, Matilda was the true Bulldog.  Funny that it was a female though.  I’m not sure why it’s funny.  It just kind of is.

Koko B Ware’s Parrot

Wrestling Mascots

As if Koko B Ware wasn’t a silly enough character.  Vince McMahon made black guys in the WWF do some silly and degrading stuff but none more ridiculous than Koko B. Ware’s act.  If you think McMahon wasn’t racist, check out Mr. Slick and Virgil.  Booker T. Washington?  Come on now.

George the Animal Steele’s puppet “Mine”

Wrestling Mascots

All I used to care about is when George would eat the cushions in the corners of the ring.  Screw his puppet mine.  You have to admit it was pretty funny though.

Torrie Wilson’s Poodle Chloe

Wrestling Mascots

Yeah I’d love to fondle Torrie’s poodles.

Triple H’s Sledge Hammer

Wrestling Mascots

Does this guy really need a sledge hammer?  I think the steroids turns this dude’s pecs into two sledge hammers. It might be a prop but I’m going with Mascot anyway.

Mankind’s “Mr. Socko”

Wrestling Mascots

I am weirded out by everything and all that is Mankind, including Mr. Socko.  Even the name Mr. Socko reminds me of pedophilia.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s 2×4

Wrestling Mascots

I’m not sure you could classify this as a mascot as mascot’s usually refer to objects that are “beings” in a sense.  But Duggan’s 2×4 will always live on.

Macho Man’s Queen Elizabeth

Wrestling Mascots

Call it what you want.  She may have been his manager but I argue that Queen Elizabeth was the hottest mascot in all of wrestling.

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