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Mar 24 2009

Google Sightseeing Lets Us Find 10 Dirty Location Names in Britain

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Thanks to a site called Google Sightseeing, we now have a dedicated place to find some of the more “interesting” things cited on Google Maps.  And I, like many of you still cling on to that immature gene.  As soon as I let that gene go I know that I’m 100% done for.  So that’s why I still laugh at words like “cock” and “hard” when used in funny contexts.

It should come as no surprise that when I found an entire gallery of places in England with dirty names that I would rush at the chance to post them on here.

I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of this as much as I did.

Titty Ho, Northamptonshire

Dirty Roads

Back Passage, City of London

Dirty Roads

Fine Bush Lane, West London

Dirty Roads


Dirty Roads

Sluts Hole Lane,  Norfolk

Dirty Roads

Penistone, Yorkshire

Dirty Roads

Dick Place, Edinburgh

Dirty Roads

Pennycomequick Hill, Plymouth

Dirty Roads

Minge Lane, Worcestershire

Dirty Roads

Butt Hole Road, Yorkshire

Dirty Roads

And just in case you need some more funny real names from England:

Cocks, Cornwall
Thong, Kent
Crotch Crescent, Oxfordshire
Wetwang, East Yorkshire
Twatt, Shetland
Slag Lane, Wiltshire
Hardon road, Wolverhampton
Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire

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  • Clifford

    The English language is great, did you know that the people of England[Land of Angels] called the American colonists Yankers[Jerk offs] Like the word “TIPS”, to insure prompt service, and it used to be given up front. I learned when in the Army at West Point that “SIR” was a way of patronizing someone, and really stood for “STUPID IDIOTIC RAT”. The American expression “MORON” derives from the Spanish Morano, the ones who changed hands or the Jews who converted religions during the Spanish inquisition.
    Now we took a trip through New England last summer, visited “VIAGRA FALLS”, We visited Bar harbor, met a prostitute who used the name, “PEG”, My wife said that I had a Foul Mouth, to shut Yamouth, So I banged her in Maine, Road her on the Island, I found out that Hyanisport derived from the tall gal when she bent over! We put in a few Notches when I visited Vermont, We ate “Hot Weinies” Quay Hogs” and Chicken Titty sandwiches,I saw Sara’s toga, what an Erie sight.

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