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Mar 23 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Crazy Jay

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Crazy Jay

He’s not from Brooklyn.  He doesn’t hang out with Gotti’s crew.  He doesn’t have a fake tan or 25 earrings.  In fact I don’t even see evidence of meterosexuality at all.

And the funny part is that as his profile evolved, Crazy Jay become cooler and cooler to me.  His pictures first sucked.  I thought this dude was some wacko headbanger ball guy (which he is).

But then I caught wind of the chicks and other fun stuff.  I can’t figure this guy out at all.   Definitely a weirdo.

OK I guess he’s kind of toolish

Crazy Jay Crazy Jay Crazy Jay Crazy Jay

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One response so far

  • JFK

    This guy is great. I’d say he’s too multifaceted to be a “tool”. Definitely weird though.



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