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Mar 23 2009

Famous People on Sesame Street: Neil Patrick Harris Has Telly’s Shoes

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I shall be starting a new segment here at Uncoached and it’s called “Famous people on Sesame Street.” It’s always funny when celebrities appear on things that are far from their “element.” For example, you don’t exactly expect Brad Pitt to appear in wacky Japanese Commercials, and yet he does.

In the same light, it’s always odd to see famous people on Sesame Street, especially those that play themselves in movies. And the portrayal of themselves involves taking acid and having sex with hookers.

Enjoy Neil Patrick Harris having Telly’s Shoes.

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One response so far

  • blackhawksfan12

    So Neil Patrick is gay enough to make that work…
    Gordon sure has gotten fat,
    And it’d been cooler to see Savion Glover tapping like he did on some old school sesame street.



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