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Mar 23 2009

Excellent Beards and Five Reasons Why Growing One Rules

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Crazy Beards

First of all, I had no idea that there was a site dedicated to beards.   Second of all I think that’s 100% lame.  But I will say that about a month ago, I grew a beard for the very first time.  It took around three weeks.  I have to admit that during all of week two it was about the worst itching I think I’ve ever experienced.

But all in all I enjoyed my beard.  It was like being a different person with it on.  And now that it’s off, it’s like being another different person.  It’s amazing how new your life is when you have a lot of facial hair.  The experience is almost like a 180 degree turn.

Allow me to share five reason why growing a beard rules

1.  You don’t Have to Shave

Crazy Beards

Clearly the most obvious reason is that you can now be lazy when it comes to shaving.   Most men that shave (or need to shave) grow extremely tired of shaving at certain points in their lives.  If you get tired of it, grow a beard.  Simple solution.

2.  It Tells People You’re a Man

Crazy Beards

I would hate to be one of those hairless dudes that can’t grow a beard.  Isn’t that kind of embarrassing?  I’ve always found people who have no need to shave to be sissies.  And if they’re not sissies they definitely appear to be.

3.  Your life changes

Crazy Beards

You may not think it does but it does.  See how people look at you now.  See how you’re treated differently.  Having a beard is like being a new person.  It’s a very strange yet liberating experience.  Give it a shot.

4.  Topic of Conversation

Crazy Beards

If you grow a beard you will instantaneously have a topic of conversation for anyone that knows you.  “Dude, you growing a beard?”  Boom, and then the floodgates open.  Conversations about how long you’ve had it, shaving, etc etc.  Automatic ice breaker.

5.  Shaving it Off

Crazy Beards

Never have I felt so amazingly clean shaved as when I took this friggin itchy as all hell beard off.  Thank God I don’t have it anymore.

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