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Mar 20 2009

Everybody Lies, Even Presidents: 6 of the Biggest Presidential Lies

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 George Bush

Despite what we may think or expect out of the highest ranking and most respected people in the country, they are still human beings.  For example, you might think that a doctor should be all prim and proper and perform with diligence and care.  Do not be fooled.  Even doctors do surgery after hangovers and smoking pot.

Pilots fly drunk all the time.  Cops arrest the wrong people.  Teacher have sex with their students.  Every single day crappy and unexpected things happen around us.  And even the highest ranking of people get into error filled situations.  And how do they react?  Many times, with lies.

Here are 6 of the biggest Presidential lies (I can’t imagine how many more “covered” Presidential lies there must be).

Harry Truman in 1945


“The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base. That was because we wished in this first attack to avoid, in so far as possible, the killing of civilians.”

Though Hiroshima was the headquarters of a number of military units, it was mostly a civilian city. In fact, Hiroshima was rated a low military priority by the U.S. Army; that’s why it hadn’t been bombed yet. 140,000 people, almost all civilians, died as a result of the bombing

*Nothing ever came of it or happened to Truman

John F. Kennedy in 1961


“I have previously stated and I repeat now that the United States intends no military intervention in Cuba.”

Not only was the Bay of Pigs invasion organized and funded by the CIA, but Americans flew combat missions as well. One day after Kennedy made the above statement, an American pilot was shot down on a bombing mission over Cuba. Castro recovered the pilot’s bodies and kept it — frozen — for the next 18 years as proof.

Don’t get me wrong, Kennedy was a great guy, but he still more than likely cheated on his wife and certainly bended the truth from time to time.

Richard Nixon in 1974


“I am not a crook”

His famous quote about the denial of his Watergate involvement.  Countless document and transcripts proved otherwise and Nixon was impeached.

This is perhaps one of the most famous lies in the history of America.Ronald Reagan in 1986


“We did not — repeat — did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages — nor will we.”

Reagan approved the sale of over 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Iran in return for promises to release the American hostages there. Money from the sale of those weapons went to support the Contras’ war in Nicaragua.Bill Clinton in 1998


Speaking after a White House presentation on child care, he told the nation, “I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

In reality the man tapped that ass.

George Bush at Various Times

George Bush

“Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Well? …………………………Well?…………………………Well?

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  • Dannymac

    As much as people disliked Bush and think that he lied about the WMD’s; the based his decision to invade Iraq on faulty intelligence…the exact same intelligence that the UN had, and Britain, and Germany, and Italy, and France, and Australia, and New Zealand ….That is why the author’s last comments say Well?….Well? Oh, and the decision to invade Iraq was not only a presidential decision, the senate and house approved it, they had the EXACT same intelligence that Bush had.

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  • travis

    As much as people like to tout this… there is no actual proof that Bush LIED about WMD’s in Iraq.
    To lie means a person KNOWINGLY and deliberately does not tell the truth. Please provide any evidence that he KNOWINGLY told Americans that there were WMD’S when there were in actuality none… thank you.

  • unmeaty

    He lied. He manipulated a country with psuedo-patriotic propaganda and attacked a sovereign country without provocation. Pull your head out of your collective asses.

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  • Mike

    obama should be on the top of this list

  • Truthful Bill

    While Reagan was a great president and Bush was a God compared to the Muslim Obummer we are stuck with now, I would say the biggest liar has to be Slick Willie, we all know everything Obama says is a lie since he is a devout liar but Slick was more a pure pervert and most likely, still is…..the next biggest liar was not mentioned for some reason, the sorry ass peanut farmer coward from Georgia.



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