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Mar 20 2009

Best News in the Last Year: “Emo” is the Web’s Fourth Most Dangerous Word

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Perhaps you guys saw my emo article a while back.  And granted my stance on feeling that if every single emo got in line to get slapped in the face I’d be first to sign up is a little harsh, maybe I am right.

According to this article:

With recent concerns over how to protect kids on the net, nanny software maker Sentry has come up with a handy guide on “the 10 words every parent should fear”. Based on its list of phrases that parents most like to block, we have some scary stuff – “suicide”, “alone” and “dope” for example. But fourth on the list – coming ahead of ‘hate’ and ‘depressed’ – is the really scary one: emo

This word only trailed Suicide, Alone, and Dope?  It was also ahead of skinny, bully, and breasts, whatever that means.  I’m curious to see where emo would land on that list now considering it was made nearly a year ago.

God I hope it’s number one.  Who on earth wants to hang out with these people?  I tell ya I blame the parents.

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