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Mar 19 2009

Thursday’s Throwdown: More of Hillary Fisher, 69 Super Sexy Gamer Girls, and Malin Akerman

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I’m going to keep posting Hillary Fisher until I’m either blue in the face, blue in the balls, or until this girl gets on television and hosts her own show called “I’m Hillary Fisher and I’m Extremely Hot” where she just parades around in bikinis the entire time.  You don’t think this would win an Emmy?  I do.

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The Throwdown

Hot chicks with only video game parts to cover them – [COED Magazine]

Malin Akerman sizzles in Maxim – [Usemycomputer]

1000 Way to open a beer – [The Sublime Blog]

Behind the scenes of PG Porn:  Helpful Bus – [Spike]

10 Things you should never say to an Irish Woman – [Asylum]

Sora Aoi is wearing a bikini that’s way too small – [Gorillamask]

The latest edition of the Vajayjay Monologue – [Atom]

The top 20 Ugliest Cheerleader pictures – [Attuworld]

I always love funny videos involving Sesame Street – [Flabber]

These girls aren’t just dirty, they need to take a shower – [Totally Crap]

Prostitute pranks are almost as funny as prostitutes – [EJB]

10 of the World’s most Bizarre Competitions – [Oddee]

Alicia Ann Whitten gives me a funny feeling in my pants – [DJ Mick]

An Important PSA about safety goggles – [Don Chavez]

Mix it up at the snack factory – [Collegehumor]

What Google suggests as far as hot girls – [Gunaxin]

Kim Kardashian wears some super duper fabric – [Celebrity Odor]

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