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Mar 17 2009

The Ten Best Costumes from the WWF

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WWF Costumes

In case you guys don’t know already, I’m incredibly nostalgic when it comes to the WWF.  I guess it’s because for the same reasons you miss going to ballgames and having hotdogs as a child.  Back then it all just felt so much more “real.”  And to this day I still watch a ton of matches on MSG.

OK that last part was a lie.  I barely watch stuff anymore.  However I won’t deny that I miss the old wrestling a great deal.  And one of the things that made wrestling back then were the outfits that these guys wore.  It established such a great story line for each wrestler.  Those outfits truly epitomized who these guys were.

So from the bright colors of a punk rocker to the crazy spikes laying on top of football pads, here are the ten best costumes from the WWF.

Killer Bees

WWF Costumes

These guys were one of the first tag teams to implement masks.  When they would use the “switch” move, audiences were dazzled and loved the trickery.  These were clearly one of the most recognizable costumes in the WWF.


WWF Costumes

Faces like the band Kiss and shoulder pads reminding us of a character from a Mad Max movie, these costumes played perfectly into the “psychoness” that was Demolition.  Did they ever spit blood and stick their tongues out? I can’t recall.

Road Warriors/Legion of Doom

WWF Costumes

Similar in the style of Demolition, Hawk and Animal bore amazing should pad gear.  No one could ever mistake those spikes for any other tag team.  These guys were badass.

Rick Rude’s Pants

WWF Costumes

Do you realize how amazing Ravishing Rick Rude’s pants were?  First of all he had the cool robe.  Second of all, every time this guy came out he had some face on his tights.  Sometimes it was a woman, a man, whatever.  The mouth of the face was always covering his junk.

Ted Dibiase

WWF Costumes

A fake belt and a golden jacket with a money symbol?  Priceless.

Macho Man

WWF Costumes

It wasn’t one costume on Savage, it was all of them.  This guy wore the most lavish and ridiculous robes of any wrestler.  He should have been called the Liberace of the WWF.

Ultimate Warrior

WWF Costumes

It wasn’t much but that Mask was one of the most famous masks in the history of the WWF.  And I guess the arm tassles were pretty cool too.

The Undertaker

WWF Costumes

This was the first costume that truly scared the crap out of me.   Well I think it was his manager Paul Bearer.  But that long black trench coat and hat were awesome.

Roddy Piper

WWF Costumes

The kilt!  The guy wore a damned kilt!

The Rockers

WWF Costumes

Easily the “flamiest” costumes ever but man how could you ever forget those bright colors?

Honorable Mention



The dudes costume was on his breasts.  Now that’s a costume.  Moon and star.  Love it.

Also mentions  to IRS and Brutus the Barber Beefcake (that bow tie was awesome).

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