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Mar 17 2009

Great Moments in Man Show Juggies

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It’s amazing that it’s been 10 years since the creation of The Man Show.  Put it this way, that show was pretty much a precursor to what one of my colleagues refers to as the “dudosphere.”  And what is that exactly?  It’s all the man blogs on the internet which are lead by of course…Uncoached.  Just kidding.

But on a more serious note, I do miss The Man Show.  P.S. What the hell ever happened to Adam Corolla?  Kimmel’s got his own show and Corolla is well…ugly.  But who could ever forget the best part of that show….the juggies?  They will forever remain in my heart as being one of the greatest things on television during the show’s tenue.

And so we never forget about these wonderful women, I decided to scrounge up some classic videos featuring the vixens.


Athletic Juggies

A Short but Sweet Juggies Clip

Strip Club Do’s and Don’ts

Get To Know Your Juggies:  Nikki

Holiday Toys – Pogo stick demonstration

Changing Rooms

Girls Jumping on Trampolines!

Even More Uncoachable Stuff

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