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Mar 13 2009

The 7 Hottest Women in Food Television

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Food Hotties

You guys have heard me praise Rachael Ray before.  And I must give all praise to the Food Network.  They’ve keyed into something that I believe most of the world has keyed into a long long time ago:  just put up hot chicks and they will come.

I admit it.  I love to cook.  I’m a huge fan of cooking.  But it’s not all that fun to watch cooking shows with guys or even old ladies hosting the shows.  If I’m gonna learn to cook a roast, I want the perky voice of a Rachel Ray or the sexy body of a Cat Cora showing me the way.

With that said, here are the 7 hottest women in food television.

Aida Mollenkamp

Food Hotties

Where you’ve seen her:  She’s on the Food Network with her own show called Ask Aida.

Why I like her: Because I think Ask Aida means I can ask her sexual questions as well.

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Food Hotties Food Hotties Food Hotties

Ingrid Hoffman

Food Hotties

Where you’ve seen her:  Hosts the series Simply Delicioso on Food Network and the Spanish show Delicisio on Galavision

Why I like her:  She’s Colombian and knows Martha Stewart.

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Food Hotties Food Hotties Food Hotties

Sandra Lee

Food Hotties

Where you’ve seen her:  Semi Homemade Cooking on Food Network

Why I like her:  Cougar – 43-years-old

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Food Hotties Food Hotties Food Hotties

Giada DeLaurentiis

Food Hotties

Where you’ve seen her:  She’s all over the Food Network hosting 5 shows and looking good all the time

Why I like her:   She looks just like the hooker from Crocodile Dundee

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Food Hotties Food Hotties Food Hotties

Rachael Ray

Food Hotties

Where you’ve seen her:   Maxim and if you haven’t seen her by now you’re an idiot.

Why I like her:  She seems like an adult version of Punky Brewster.

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Food Hotties Food Hotties Food Hotties

Cat Cora

Food Hotties

Where you’ve seen her:  Iron Chef

Why I like her:  She’s over 40 and she’s a lesbian.  Thanks Cat!

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Food Hotties Food Hotties Food Hotties

Padma Lakshmi

Food Hotties

Where you’ve seen her:  Host of Top Chef

Why I like her:  She’s a hot Indian lady.

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Food Hotties Food Hotties Food Hotties

And for good measure, Tanya Steel in the kitchen.

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  • Jason

    This is one of the best compilations I’ve seen. I’d like to the the best cougar compilation if you can do it. Cheers mate! :)

  • P

    Dude, you know Cat Cora’s a lesbian, right?

  • aka

    Cat Cora and her lesbian lover are both pregnant.

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  • http://www.tailgatingideas.com Tailgating Dave

    Not sure if she qualifies but there is a girl on the net that calls herself “the Tasty Blond” that does cooking shows on the net. It would be shame to not include her because she is indeed, tasty.


  • http://www.philknowsbest.com Phil

    Giada is the sexiest…Her and Padma should make out

  • Giovanni

    Dude what about Nigella Lawson!? Oh and you know Paula Dean has got some tricks up her sleeve in the bedroom. The way she talks about butter… Not hot but there is a certain “energy” that can’t be denied.

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  • curly

    Where’s Nigella??? Miss her.

  • Josh

    How the hell can you leave off Nigella Lawson?

  • nate

    i agree nigella is the hottest chick that ive ever seen cook.her voice is so sultry and those curve…WOOT! haha

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  • Silas

    Rachel Ray is fucking annoying. I used to think she was attractive until I saw her show a few times and realized that she was just loud and dumb and I wanted to choke her.

  • http://breakmedia Mick

    Rachael Ray is a National Treasure. Could massage her thighs all night!

  • DoubleD

    Yea you really messed up by not including Nigella Lawson. Sexy, busty, and British!

  • messed up

    I have to add my voice to the rising roar that is crying out for photos of Nigella Lawson! Please! The way SHE licks her spoons… sigh.

  • Matt

    You missed Nigela Lawson. How could you?

  • Jack

    I think Aida and Padma should have a make out session. Food network vs Bravo. hehehe Iron Chef style. Secret ingredient banana.

  • michael

    Yea, this list is a fail without Nigella.

  • http://www.replicastore.net Brubean

    I think Cat Cora is the beat and most beautiful over all the candidates

  • aj

    Rachael Ray is fucking repulsive… know who else looks like an adult version of Punky Brewster? Soleil Moon Frye, who actually played Punky Brewster, and is actually hot.

  • http://www.celebcurry.com/gallery/rss.php Hot SPicy Celebs

    Padma the book author wife model foodie !! wow whata way to stardom like FUKKAD

  • jayprime

    Ever heard of a very attractive and sexy lady cook called Rachel Allen?
    She makes Nigella look cheap.

    There are quite a few attractive female cooks on British TV.

  • Lampsteen

    “Looks like the hooker in Croc Dundee”. Very deep in the well for that one and oh so true! Good call.

    Of your list I have to go with Cat, lesbian or no.

  • indi

    You should check out “Farah Quinn”. She’s fucking HAWT!!
    I’m a straight girl but even I can appreciate her hotness. Big boobs, tiny waist, perfect complexion, exotic look and she’s a real good chef.

  • Troy

    No Amy Matthews from DIY???

  • steve stone

    Leaving off Nigella Lawson is just ridiculous. I won’t even go further on that. Forgetting Laura Calder is less of a crime, but putting Rachel Ray in her place is just stupid.

    The rest of the list is well done though.

  • George

    You also left off my favorite Food Hottie, Claire Robinson (Robbins?). My wife watches Food Network all the time and this Claire Chick has to be the hottest one on. She looks like a younger prettier and better built version of Rachel Ray. She also has a deep raspy sexy voice.

  • http://www.replicasstore.net/ replica store

    I love Padma Lakshmi.

  • http://MySpace.com/RobertSecrist Robert Secrist

    Rachael Ray is a good looking woman. I had no idea. They’re all great. My favorite is Lakshmi though. What a nice name, and the REST of her. Thanks uncoached! Made my day.

  • Smokey Behr

    Padma Lakshmi isn’t on Food Network, and isn’t a chef.

    I didn’t know Cat Cora was so hawt under those chef’s whites. I’d hit that until the final tasting and judgement.



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