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Mar 12 2009

10 of the Bustiest Female Athletes

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There is a word and a phrase that don’t often go together.  And yes, you may have guessed it:  “busty” and “female athlete.”  And who can blame ‘em?  It’s just not easy to be a great female athlete and carry all that weight around up top.

Which is why we have to appreciate those women who have what we disgusting men think about 1000 times a day: a woman’s upper torso region just below the face.  So while these woman are busting ass in their respected sport, they’re also looking quite sexy off the field.

Here are 10 of the bustiest female athletes.

I tried picking women who looked like a C or above.

Gina Carano -MMA


I would so let her beat the crap out of me.

Natalie Gulbis – Golf


I wish she would stretch all the time.

Serena Williams – Tennis


I’m sorry guys.  I know she’s not incredibly attractive but this picture is by no means bad.  She’s got some talent up there.

Malia Jones – Surfer


I’d definitely ride those waves

Anna Semenovich – Figure Skating


By far the best one on this list.  They really know how to do sports in Russia.

Latasha Marzolla – MMA


I most certainly wouldn’t mind getting in the ring with those bad boys.

Jelena Dokic – Tennis


It sucks because she’s always wearing a sports bra but you know there’s some talent under there.

Lokelani McMichael – Triathalon


Anni Friesinger – Speed Skating


The bouncing must be awesome while she’s gliding along the ice.

Katarina Witt – Figure Skating


Her breasts will live on forever.


Alicia Sacramone – Gymnastics


For a girl who is barely 5 feet tall she’s got some stuff up there.

Ana Paula Mancino – Volleyball


Honestly I don’t care if she has big breasts.  The other 11 were good enough.  This is just the hottest athlete, period.

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