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Mar 10 2009

Matt Leinart’s New Job: Professional Dog Walker

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Given Kurt Warner’s new contract, it’s seems to be getting more and more grim for Matt Leinart.  Will another Heisman quarterback go down the crapper in the NFL?  For Matt Leinart, I believe this will be the case.  If there’s one guy in the NFL who’s probably longing for the days of college, it’s gotta be Mr. Leinart.

And in case some of you didn’t see these pictures, Leinert was spotted outside of a gym with Tom Brady about a week ago.  Matt was walking his bulldog and while no one knows what they were talking about I’d have to assume Brady was giving him career advice and mentioned dog walking as a possible fit.

Good luck Matt.  I’m sure all the spaniels and dobermans will be very happy with your services.

Leinart Leinart Leinart

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  • http://www.tgisports.com tgisports

    The guy is getting paid a ton of money to hold a clipboard, and hang out with 10′s, life can’t be that bad

  • yep

    More proof that a large portion of hot women are merely whores looking for money and fame. Nice job hookers. Too bad they are retarded and don’t understand that Matt is a failure. Oh well they’ll fuck his trainer or something.



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