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Mar 10 2009

10 Solid Booze Ads Classified by Type of Booze

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If there’s one type of commercial I miss, it’s liquor commercials.  Most people past the mid to late 90′s don’t remember this, but liquor commercials actually used to be on during the day.  Not only that, they used to really mix it up with some weird stuff.

Like you’d see liquor commercials but mixed with sports.  Nowadays all liquor and alcoholic commercials mostly come on past 8PM and always seem to feature people out on the town.  And you always get the “drink responsibly” thing.  Not that I condone drunk driving.  I’m far from it.

But somehow I think it takes away from the commercials.  They just don’t make commercials like the ones I’m sharing anymore.  And if they do, they’re made in Europe.

Here are 10 solid booze ads classified by type of booze.

Bourbon – Jim Beam Girlfriend

Nothing’s better than woman to spice up your commercial.

Whiskey – Jack Daniels’ Rodeo

Sometimes Whiskey can hit you like a swift kick to the nuts.  This commercial is here to remind of that fact, but also to get up from that nut kick.

Scotch – William Lawson’s No Rules Great Scotch

Interesting Ending.


Wait a second.  What?  What the hell is this ending?  I mean it’s a great commercial if it’s for a porn movie but Tequila?  How was Cuervo not in hot water after this?

Gin – Gordon’s Commercial

Once again, chicks, they work.

Vodka- Best Vodka Ad Ever

Funny we never saw this on TV

Rum – Basketball and Rum

This is priceless.  This is from 1990?  Seems much older

Liquer – Weird Bailey’s Commercial

Definitely strange.

Wine – Orson Welles Drunk Outtake

Man I wish I could have seen this back in those days.

Beer – Best Guinness Commercial Ever

I’m guessing you didn’t see this one either.

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