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Mar 08 2009

Sports Sunday: Mike Tyson Embarrasses Michael Spinks

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Look, I know how amazing everything thinks Muhammad Ali is.  And I know all the arguments are pretty much down the drain for Tyson being one of the best ever.

However, when Tyson was in his prime could anyone beat the guy?  I don’t think so.  Not even Ali.

We could argue about this for decades.  Bottom line, people say the competition was so much weaker for Tyson?  Maybe, maybe not.  Fighters were scared shitless of Tyson.  Not sure if means they were skilled or not. But a scared fighter isn’t good no matter what.

Spinks showed it most in this particular fight.

I still think in his prime, Tyson was the best fighter ever.  You can quote me on that.

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  • Turtle

    “I still think in his prime, Tyson was the best fighter ever.”- Nat Berman

  • http://www.myspace.com/warvette warvette

    I agree. There was never a badder fucker than a young Mike.

  • Jim in LV

    I can’t agree. Tyson always fought guys who were at the tail end of their career like Spinks (who had horrible knees), Cooney, Holmes, etc. And the young guys were perfectly suited for Tyson, smaller and intimidated. Where Tyson ran into problems was when he went up against a bigger guy that used the jab to keep Tyson from coming up and under (like Buster Douglas). I just re-watched the Douglas/Tyson fight on YouTube and Douglas owned him from start to finish, bounding jabs off Tyson’s face all night. Even Holyfiled who isn’t big (maybe 6″1) employed an easy tactic on Tyson of pushing off and hitting him with combinations pretty easily that frustrated him. An Ali would have employed the same tactics and would have beaten Tyson.

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  • Steve

    1. Joe Louis
    2. Muhammad Ali
    3. Jack Johnson

    There’s the three guys that would have destroyed Tyson. Oh, and also Evandar Holyfield. But we already know that.

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  • NonMouse

    Fighters were scared of Tyson because he fought dirty. Hitting below the belt and throwing elbows were all part of the fight to him.

  • Joe

    hahaha, I love watching the early tyson fights cus he just obliterated people but ali would have taken him to school. Buster douglass beat Tyson IN HIS PRIME. He showed all u have to do is get tyson into the late rounds where he would just drown. Tyson face would have looked like raw meat after eating ali’s jab for 8 or 9 rounds.



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