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Mar 05 2009

10 Actresses Who Can Probably Play Sports Well

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Athletic Actresses

I’m not going to lie.  This is far and away one of the most annoying lists I’ve ever had to assemble.  And the reason it was hard is because I didn’t simply take women from sports movies.  I mean, yes, I did, however you have to understand I left out a ton of them.

And I did it for a reason.  This is a list of actresses who can probably play sports well.   That included the ability to play more than one sport and look coordinated while doing so.  So bottom line, if an actress looks and throws like a girl, she’s probably not on this list.

Again, coordination plays a big factor here, so women like Hilary Swank and Geena Davis are out.   Put it this way, if the girl throws like you would with your opposite hand, then she’s not on this list.

Glenn Close

Athletic Actresses

This one may come as a complete shocker but if any of you have ever seen Fatal Attraction, watch the scene where she’s playing fetch in the park with the dog.  She and Michael Douglas are throwing a tennis ball and her coordination when throwing is outstanding.  She throws just like a guy.  Well done Glenn.

Lori Petty

Athletic Actresses

A League of their Own.  Petty’s throwing style isn’t half bad.  Leads me to believe that she can probably play other sports.  I’m telling you, being coordinated as guy and being a female is extremely rare.  Petty could throw that fastball.  Her batting stance was also very shortstop like.

Jessica Biel

Athletic Actresses

It’s the ripped factor and I also wanted to include someone who was reasonably hot.  Plus she knew how to move her caboose in Blade: Trinity.

Michelle Rodriguez

Athletic Actresses

Rodriguez looks like she knew how to throw a punch in Girlfight.   Other than that, you can see her move pretty well in Blue Crush.  Plus she’s extremely masculine, which helps.

Moira Kelly

Athletic Actresses

I’m basing this one off of two movies.  You’d think it’s just the movie Cutting Edge.  And yes, she displays excellent ice skating skills in that movie.  However, if you watch her jog in With Honors, you’ll notice her running style is excellent.  Very coordinated which leads me to believe other sports would be easy for her to pick up.


Athletic Actresses

First of all, Madonna is ripped.  Second of all she’s a great dancer.  So far we have two good elements.  Third of all, again, I must point to the movie A League of Their Own.  And in this case it’s the way she slid into third.  She’s got some guy genes in there somewhere.

Eliza Dushku

Athletic Actresses

Eh, another hot chick I just had to add.  However, she’s got the skills in Bring it On.

Sanaa Lathan

Athletic Actresses

Love and Basketball.  Ugh.  I can’t believe I’m bringing up a crappy movie like that.  However, you must admit, Sanaa does have some skills.

Gabrielle Union

Athletic Actresses

Two movies here.  Bring it On is the obvious choice.  The girl can move and that’s always a plus.  However, I believe you see her hitting the volleyball a few times in She’s All That.  I’d take her on my softball team.

Megan Cavanagh

Athletic Actresses

Marla Hooch…What a Hitter.

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