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Feb 26 2009

Bia and Branca Feres Lead the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Bia and Branca

Congratulations to Bia and Branca for making it to their 21st year of life.  That and now getting a deal with MTV.  It’s amazing what being hot and not particularly good at synchronized swimming will get you in life.  Still though, they are pretty damned sexy.

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Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Rocio Raica Mardi Celeste Ford Dollicea Beyonce Hazel

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Feb 26 2009

12 Really Strange Museums To Potentially Visit

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Ever felt like seeing what absolutely horrible works of art look like?  OK, how about an entire museum dedicated to the penis?  Well I’ve managed to find a gem of a list to share with you all.  But notice I said “potentially visit” in the title.  After all, I can’t exactly say I’d desire to look around at nothing but toasters.

However, museums do teach us a thing or two about the past and present.  They give us insight into culture, trends, and human existence as we know it.  It’s just that I think some people might take these interpretations a little too far.

I mean do we really need a museum dedicated to women having their periods?

Check out the list after the jump

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Feb 26 2009

Roddy Piper Hates Canada in 1984

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First of all, the picture of that cougar on his shirt?  That was a staple Piper shirt.  But what was the deal with that thing?  Is it a cougar?  A jaguar?  A puma?  Eh, whatever it was I just think it adds to the fact that the guy wore a quilt everywhere.

Even if it’s not Piper’s pit, this guy was by far the most entertaining character in the WWF.  Sure there’s Hulkamania and Randy Savage.  But if you simply listen to what comes out of this guy’s mouth, there are no equals to Piper.

He’s my hero.  Oh and by the way, Piper is Canadian.

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Feb 26 2009

She’s Uncoachable: One of Britain’s 20 Hottest Brunettes, Katie Marie Cork

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Katie Marie Cork

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present yet another Keeley Hazell and Rosie Jones clone, Katie Marie Cork.  What in the world are the English doing over there?  I mean clearly it’s no secret formula.  But seriously, are they adding some kind of gene in the mother’s womb that says, “give my daughter abnormally large breasts and a very cute face?”  Oh yeah, and a really slim body?

Alright, so surgery takes care of the breasts part, but come on!  I just have to move there.  At least for a month.  The disappointment will come when I see unkempt teeth and one of these girls maybe once on my entire trip.  I think they’re all hidden in some house on the hill somewhere.

It’s really getting obscene already.  Katie, you are invited to the Uncoached bash which will take place sometime in the summer.  Do come, and do wear very little.

More little Katie after the jump

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Feb 26 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Born to Ball? No

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“I just got one question for all you haters, can I have some toilet paper cause i’m the sh*t and i’m hot and your not”

I think that just about says it all don’t you?

This guy is the sh*t.  A father of two and these shirts?

I give up

Born Born Born Born

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Feb 26 2009

American Idol Singer Ruins yet another Song: This time it’s “Betty Davis Eyes”

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Betty Davis Eyes

Jesse Langseth didn’t quite stand out tonight with her performance of “Betty Davis Eyes.” Langseth has the voice, but this song did not make her rise above the rest of the competition. In this weaker group, it may be enough to advance to the American Idol top 12.

Jesse Langseth dusted off the Kim Carnes song, but she should have left it in the 80s. Randy Jackson told Jesse she only had 5-note range. If she advances, nicknames along the lines of 5-note Jesse are sure to spring up

First of all, I don’t watch American Idol.  I happen to be in Long Island right now staying at my parents house and my mother had it on.  I watched about three seconds of it before I vomited all over the floor because of some dude in a red headband.

I admit it though, I did watch the first season which was awesome.  In any event, Bettie Davis Eyes?  Come on man!  Don’t do that to Kim Carnes.  Her raspy voice gave me daydreams for weeks when that song first came out.  How the hell can you do that?  Now I’m tainted.  For the love of God, I need Kim Carnes back in my life.

And is it me or is this Jesse Langseth girl one haircut away from being Pippi Longstocking?

Betty Davis Eyes Betty Davis Eyes

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Feb 26 2009

A 30 Picture Hooters Bikini Contest Gallery Just For the Hell of It

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Hooters Bikini

Let’s face it.  Hooters is far and away one of the best ideas in the history of the United States.   I mean if there’s on franchise that I’m 100% jealous of it has to be Hooters.   How many other restaurants out there do you know that named themselves after a female body part?  And not only that, they blatantly expose and exploit the word.

It’s pure genius.  All they had to do was just get the wings right and you knew the place would be successful.  And kudos to them for actually having decent food.  In all honesty the food could suck and the place would still be in business.

Ah yes, and let’s not forget about the ridiculous women part of the business.  If the restaurant chain shut down today, Hooters could survive on bikini contest revenue alone.    What a great forum for finding unnamed talent.

Speaking of no named girls, check out this gallery after the jump

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Feb 26 2009

10 Awesome Michael Jordan Commercials

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To write entire article about how amazing Michael Jordan is would be somewhat futile.  There’s just not enough time to get into the hows and whys of Michael Jordan being a sports legend.  Besides, there are hundreds of books and articles out there that one can read on the subject.  But in addition to appreciating his athletic prowess and domination, one must also appreciate his single handed catapulting the NBA into the marketing hemisphere.

Jordan campaigned for a number of difference products and basically had a “2nd life” as an entertainer in addition to being an athlete. His handsome looks and even comedic timing earned him tons of spots on television.

Among those spots, here are 10 I found to be pretty damned sweet.

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Feb 26 2009

Thursday’s Throwdown: Anna Lynne is Fired Up, Stop teasing Us Olivia, and 23 Ways to Be Cool

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Click on the photo for more AnnaLynne

Alright, I give up.  There’s just zero chance that Annalynne Mccord is a good actress.  And I’m far past trying to spell her name right.  I’ve taken the liberty of spelling her first name differently twice on this page.  But one thing is for certain.  She looks amazing with clothes on.  Yes, on.

For more hotties with clothes on visit Uncoached’s Facebook group

The Throwdown

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Megan Fox is back on the market yet again – [Tastybooze]

Wake up with Andree DiSanti – [Salty Milk]

Amazing pictures of coastlines – [Funtasticus]

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Feb 25 2009

Cecilia Capriatti Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Cecilia

OK, all doubts that Italian women are the hottest women on the planet have now officially been laid to rest.  I just can’t stand it anymore.  Cecilia Capriatti?  Who the hell is this?  And why couldn’t Jennifer Capriati look like that?  Good lord.

For more Cecilia types check out Uncoached’s Facebook Group

Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Playboy Lohan Soccer Tessa Shannon  Milian Holly Freida

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