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Feb 26 2009

American Idol Singer Ruins yet another Song: This time it’s “Betty Davis Eyes”

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Betty Davis Eyes

Jesse Langseth didn’t quite stand out tonight with her performance of “Betty Davis Eyes.” Langseth has the voice, but this song did not make her rise above the rest of the competition. In this weaker group, it may be enough to advance to the American Idol top 12.

Jesse Langseth dusted off the Kim Carnes song, but she should have left it in the 80s. Randy Jackson told Jesse she only had 5-note range. If she advances, nicknames along the lines of 5-note Jesse are sure to spring up

First of all, I don’t watch American Idol.  I happen to be in Long Island right now staying at my parents house and my mother had it on.  I watched about three seconds of it before I vomited all over the floor because of some dude in a red headband.

I admit it though, I did watch the first season which was awesome.  In any event, Bettie Davis Eyes?  Come on man!  Don’t do that to Kim Carnes.  Her raspy voice gave me daydreams for weeks when that song first came out.  How the hell can you do that?  Now I’m tainted.  For the love of God, I need Kim Carnes back in my life.

And is it me or is this Jesse Langseth girl one haircut away from being Pippi Longstocking?

Betty Davis Eyes Betty Davis Eyes

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