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Feb 25 2009

5 Incredibly Awesome Over the Top Sports Announcer Clips

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We’ve seen the likes of Harry Carey and Mel Allen.  The U.S. gets memorable voices like Marv Albert and Al Michaels.  But if there’s one thing our country doesn’t have much of, it’s your really over the top sports announcers.  Yes you have your outbursts from time to time.  “There’s a steal by Bird!” will always ring in my heart (even though I’m a Knicks fan).

But any of you who know the “Goooaallllllll!” guy, you understand what I’m talking about here.  I mean from Japanese wrestling bouts to Danish handball, this crop of announcers finds a way to scream and be wacko in just about anything.

Check out these 5 ridiculously over the top announcer clips

Crazed Soccer Dude

Japanese Wrestling Announcer is Orgasmic

The Singer

Wow.  Handball is Exciting

Famous Chinese Commentator during 2006 World Cup

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