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Feb 24 2009

5 Random “Drugged Out” Videos

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Ever since this crazy drugged out kid to the dentist video came out (which is in this list) on Youtube, I’ve been wondering if there are other videos that are like it.  Before I go there though, can we just discuss that dentist video for a second?  Sure it’s a Youtube hit and will probably be in the list of “Best Viral Videos of 2009″ when the year is up, but is this not borderline child abuse?

Think about it.   The damned kid is like 5 years old.  He’s completely messed up.  And who is taking this video?  The father.  No, he didn’t molest his kid.  No, he didn’t make him do crazy stuff.  But there just has to be some kind of law in there being broken right?  I don’t know.  It was entertaining as hell but now that kid is gonna have to see that as a man.  And his father will always point and laugh.

In any event, here are 5 pretty weird “drugged out” movies I dug up.

Gardening on Salvia

This video is simply insane.

The Famous David Dentist Video

Poor kid.

3-Year-Old on Drugs

Thisi more cute than anything else but the kid is definitely messed up.

Wisdom Teeth High

There are tons of these on the internet but none were that funny.  I liked this one.

James Brown Insane in Interview

Talk about drugged out.  Wow.

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