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Feb 23 2009

My Picks for the Top Ten Hottest (Natural) Redhead Celebrities

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We know the term as “fire crotch.”   And it’s a rare thing when you can actually meet a redhead that’s extremely attractive.  It’s very much like finding plutonium by accident.  But in all sincerity, redheads are just a different breed.  I have a little theory on redheads and bare with me if you can.

Have you ever met a natural redhead that wasn’t “off” in some way?  Male or female.  I’m telling you man, it’s weird.  Every single natural redhead I’ve ever met was kind of crazy in some way.  I simply don’t understand it.  Go back to your history and see if you agree.  Um, so that’s my theory.

In any event, you take the psycho factor, add the hot factor and poof, you’ve got yourself one hell of a woman.  So here are my picks for the top ten hottest natural redheaded celebrities.

*P.S. This list sucks because of a shortage of well…hot redheads.  I probably should have included the porn industry.  But these 10 will do.

Isla Fisher


She’s got that cute charm to her but if she’s anything like her Wedding Crashers character I’m sure Sascha Cohen is in for the ride of his life.

Angie Everhart


She will always remain my favorite redhead in the history of the planet.

Lindsay Lohan


I could do without the freckles but her chest more than makes up for it.

Christina Cindrich


She’s an up and comer but she’s got red hair, and she’s bound to be famous sooner or later.

Danneel Harris


Wow is this chick good looking.

Kate Walsh


I had to hand it to her.  She’s more of a girl’s girl than a guy’s girl but I definitely wouldn’t throw her out of the sack.

Christina Hendricks



Geri Halliwell


Psycho and I love it.

Kate Mara


Such a sweetheart.  I’m surprised she’s not a bigger star by now.   Maybe studios don’t like her.

Laura Prepon


Admit it, there’s something about her.

*Honorable Mention to Melinda Clark and Julianne More,

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