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Feb 17 2009

Teammates Will Join A-Rod at First Press Conference: Awwwwww

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From Yahoo:

Alex Rodriguez will hold a news conference today at 1:30 p.m. EST at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fla. A-Rod is due to appear under the tent behind the third-base stands to address his admission last week that he used banned drugs. The Yankees still didn’t know how many specifics of his drug use Rodriguez planned to divulge. “I don’t think it’s necessary in my eyes that he answer every detail,” manager Joe Girardi said Monday.

I am a Yankees fan.  Let’s just start with that.  And I’m all for bettering the team.  And like any sensible guy who wants his baseball team to get better, I was pretty psyched for A-Rod to join the Yankees.  I know that’s not necessarily how all Yankees fans felt but come on.  Look at the guy’s numbers.  Hell I’m still psyched for the guy to play for New York.

And honestly, anyone who is surprised at this point is a complete moron.  To drill down on this whole issue in a few sentences is obviously tough but here goes:  Why did people ever sympathize with Jason Giambi?  Why?  The guy did steroids and admitted it.  The only difference between him and the Mark McGuire’s of the world is that Giambi admitted his mistakes  So he’s a martyr?  So we should feel sorry for him?  Because I almost felt that vibe here in NY and on the television.  It was as if he was a good guy and the others were bad.  No, they’re all bad.
I bring it up because I just know that A-Rod is gonna play that card.  He’s gonna admit to it and now everyone is supposed to think he’s this stand up guy because he was honest?  Because the best player in baseball is even human?  Even he makes errors in judgment?  Sorry man.  Sure I understand the pressure of being paid millions and wanting to perform, but that goes with the territory.    You break the rules and you, well…break the rules.  This is a tired issue.  I’d like to move on.
I just know my fantasy team is gonna suck this year.

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