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Feb 16 2009

10 Interesting “Prostitute” Search Term Results on Youtube

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If you’re looking for videos of hot chicks doing the deed or weird sucking sounds, this probably isn’t the right post.  I mean sure, I have plenty of that stuff at other times on this site, but this is a bit different.  Along the same lines of finding weird pictures using a search term, I decided to take this approach to Youtube.

So for my first “random term Youtube search result” what better a way to start off than using the word “prostitute?”  And believe me, there’s some stuff here that you’d never think comes up.  I personally enjoyed the Prostitute Prank because of the immaturity in me, and also the Prostitute Self Defense class.  I really gotta sign up for that class.  Seems like a real winner.  Ah yes, and don’t miss “The Viagra Defense.”

So without further interruption here are 10 interesting videos as a result of typing “prostitute” into Youtube.

Pimp and Prostitute Attack Rival Prostitute

These are always tough ones to deal with.  It’s just such a shame you know?

This Woman is 38?  Wow

This just all kinds of wrong.  Depressing too.

South Park:  What’s a Prostitute?

I miss Isaac Hayes

Prostitute Prank

Childish but pretty awesome.

I’m a Prostitute and Proud of It

Boy is this awful

The Prostitute Fashion Show

Madrid might be the best place ever

Prostitute Self Defense Class

Are you kidding me?  “Build their confidence up?”

Prostitute Laundry


Unusual Defense Used in Prostitution Case

Indeed.  Defendant was 83 years old.  The Viagra Defense.

Fred Willard Joke on Letterman

Ba dum ching!

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