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Feb 08 2009

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves two Football Coaches

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Bellichick Charlie

I don’t know why I thought of this but I just couldn’t imagine either of these two guys would even be remotely fun.  My question is…who would you rather hang out with?

I’m guessing Bellicheck would be analytical, cocky, and downright boring.  There’s just no way you’d get out of a conversation with him alive.  However, something tells me if the guy had a few in him, he might open up and talk a lot of sh*t about players that piss him off.  That would be amusing.

Weis?  He’d just hord all your dessert.  That’d be no fun.

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  • Sully

    Belichick (notice spelling) is pretty well known to be a very personable guy outside of football….he is good friends with Barkely, there is no way that drunk would hang out with Belichick if he wasnt fun to be around



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