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Jan 29 2009

Marliese Leitner Leads the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Marliese

For those of you unfamiliar with Marliese Leitner, she’s a 20 year old model who lives in Orlando.   I’m currently working on finding her address, phone number, medical history, driver’s license ID, and favorite color.  If you see this woman, please take her photograph so I can make 100 copies and plaster them all over my walls.

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Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Aubrey Wii Vikki Emma Lingerie Jojo Rihanna Gaby

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Jan 29 2009

15 Unbelievable Pictures of Swedish Dance Bands of the 70′s

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Swedish Bands

Now I most certainly pride myself on finding the random but I seriously think I’ve outdone myself here.  However I must not take all the credit.  Some strange site called Audio Porn Central had this gallery of pictures that practically left me speechless.

We here in the U.S. know that foreigners are kind of funny.  I guess it depends on which country but I’m pretty sure a country that contains a lot of yaaaa yaaa yaaa language can be entertaining.

So you combine that with something that took place over thirty years ago, plus the disco era?  You are bound to have some greatness on your hands.  Well here’s the combo:  Sweden+70′s+Music=  Amazing comedy

Enjoy these Swedish bands of the 70′s

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Jan 29 2009

Hillbilly Jim on Piper’s Pit

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Welcome to the second edition of Piper’s Pit.  I don’t know why but I feel like Piper’s Pit is almost the equivalent to All in the Family or something.  If you really think about it, the stuff that Piper pulled on this show is kind of like what Archie Bunker used to do.

A ton of stereotyping and a total disregard for human feelings.  Listen to Piper as Jim walks onto the stage.  I laughed my ass off when he did the little twangy banjo type song.


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Jan 29 2009

She’s Uncoachable: Bianca Holland Can’t Seem to Fit Into Anything

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Bianca Holland

Bianca Holland is a Latina model and actress hailing from Boston, MA.  She’s only been modeling for a little over a year but whatever kind of promotion she is doing, seems to be working.  Perhaps it’s the promoting of herself in bikinis that are way too small for her 34D bust.   Is it me or does she look a little like Elizabeth Berkley?

You can find Bianca in a Lil Wayne video and as a co-star in the movie Black Licorice.  I’d way rather see her in a movie called “Oops my bikini popped off again, won’t you have sex with me?”  Doesn’t that just sound better?

Oops, it’s bikini tops after the jump

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Jan 29 2009

The Myspace Toolbox: Taking Steroids By Nick

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Of all the Myspace Tools I’ve posted up until this point, I don’t think I ever really harped on steroid usage.  I mean sure, it’s fun to make fun of the beefiness of a lot of these clowns but it’s pretty evident that a lot of these guys are on the juice.

But it’s just our luck that we’ve managed to find a kid who is chronicling his success by taking countless pictures of himself without a shirt on.  Nick, congratulations on getting more muscles and more than likely still not getting any girls but the girls you know will always see you as that skinny punk.

At least I always will, and that’s all that matters.

Nick Nick Nick Nick

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Jan 29 2009

Videos of Skateboarders and Security Guards Not Getting Along

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Skateboarders and cops are two words that will never mix.  I’m not even sure how I feel about the subject.  On the one hand you got these guys pissed off because they think they should be able to skate anywhere.  “Why is it such a big deal?” is kind of their credo.   But then you have the law side.

If you really think about it, these guys get paid very little and are just doing their jobs.   I’m not sure who’s in the wrong more and perhaps it’s not my place to say.  But I can say that when the two sides escalate, it’s certainly entertaining.

Here are 6 pretty awesome videos of skaters and cops not getting along.

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Jan 29 2009

Why I Miss College: Because Maybe I Could Have Partied With the Alabama Cheerleaders

Alabama Cheerleaders

For the record I didn’t go to Alabama.  But I would imagine a school with a rich sports tradition like that must have an awful lot of school spirit.  So it would come as no surprise that the dance team for the Tide would be a fine group of attractive girls.  And when they’re not practicing with their pom poms what are they left with?

Well,  they’re left with the same instincts as any other college student.  It means it’s time to go out.  It’s time to drink.  And it’s clearly time to take silly pictures of themselves so they can share them online with sites like Uncoached.

Don’t worry ladies.  None of these are too incriminating.  In fact, this article is merely a way for me to compliment you on your efforts.


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Jan 29 2009

Thursday’s Throwdown: The Week in Re-Boob, The Talents of Natalia Estrada, and Nilanti Narain

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Click on the photo for a week in Re-Boob

It may already be Thursday but I missed my week in Re-Boob by the folks over at COED Magazine.  And I must say I’m quite ashamed of myself.  To realize how many untapped boobs I could have come across and didn’t is a real crime in my book.  Let it never happen again.

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The Throwdown

Well I certainly know two talents of Natalia Estrada – [Holytaco]

Nilanti Narain is the international babe of the day – [Doubleviking]

Take Superbowl advice from a Stripper – [Bustedcoverage]

The optical illusion girlfriend – [Collegehumor]

Meet the finest women in all of Mexico – [FHM]

10 Signs that your girlfriend is probably a tramp – [Spike]

Raccoon fends off pervert…by biting off his penis – [Asylum]

How to score with a Jacuzzi babe – [Totally Crap]

Some of the best viral videos of the year – [Nuts]

This is why Jerry Springer is still an amazing show – [Flabber]

Women Streetfight “Pedulum Showdown” – [Attuworld]

Natasha Yi fulfills my Asian cravings for the day – [DJ Mick]

Jessica Biel takes her American butt to a Mexican beach – [Don Chavez]

PG Porn for guys not really into sex – [The Bachelor Guy]

Text Messaging helps catch thieves – [Tastybooze]

Having fun with race relations – [Atom]

5 very sexy NFL Cheerleaders – [Banned in Hollywood]

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Jan 28 2009

Tampa Strip Clubs Lead the PM Portfolio

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Click on the photo for the Tampa Guide

The Superbowl is just around the corner and you know the media is looking for tail.  Considering that Tampa is one of the finer Strip Club cities in our nation my buddy J-Koot decided to give a definitive tour of the area.  Thanks buddy!  Of course there are pictures.

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Enjoy the rest of the portfolio

Hayley Amy Mutch Helfer Neighborhood Ana Lela Dunn

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Jan 28 2009

15 Examples of going a Tad Overboard on the Tattoos

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Crazy Tattoos

For the record I have a tattoo.   Yes, as I embark on an article that is about to make fun of tattoos I must share my tattoo tale.  It’s nothing too important but let us just say that I was a pledge in a fraternity at one point in my life.  When that pledgeship ended half of my pledge class (myself included) decided to get our drink on and head to the tattoo shop.

Thank God it’s just two tiny Greek letters on my ankle, but suffice it to say I won’t be getting any more tats anytime soon.  And I don’t fault people for getting tattoos.  I do however feel it’s 100% necessary to make fun of those people who go over the top with their tattoos.

I mean you have to be a pretty big loser to have your entire back covered with Hulk Hogan when he was in the WWF.  Let’s be real here guys.

Nevertheless, here are 15 morons who probably had nothing better to do (I guess)

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