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Jan 29 2009

Videos of Skateboarders and Security Guards Not Getting Along

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Skateboarders and cops are two words that will never mix.  I’m not even sure how I feel about the subject.  On the one hand you got these guys pissed off because they think they should be able to skate anywhere.  “Why is it such a big deal?” is kind of their credo.   But then you have the law side.

If you really think about it, these guys get paid very little and are just doing their jobs.   I’m not sure who’s in the wrong more and perhaps it’s not my place to say.  But I can say that when the two sides escalate, it’s certainly entertaining.

Here are 6 pretty awesome videos of skaters and cops not getting along.

Pushed into a Bush

I personally think that this one is just a funny little incident.  Clearly the guy with the camera is insulting the cop’s intelligence.  In terms of who is right or wrong in this situation?  I’m gonna go with the Cop being right here.

Rent a Cop Fist Fight

This is just an all out war.  I think both sides are probably in the wrong.

Bam Margera and Mike V at Night

Oh those crazy Jackass guys!

This is Insane

I’ve never seen something as blatant as that from a skater.  Clearly they’ve had enough of rent-a-cops picking on their kind.  Stand up for the rights of skaters!  Seriously I have no clue where to draw the line on this stuff.

Put Your Hands on the Car

Man do I love this.  In this case though?  Come on guys.  It’s a federal building.  There’s gotta be a million places to skate.  Clearly they were picking on poor old cop doing his job.  He gets em good though.

Where you From?

Sit down!  Damn right you’re calling your mother.”  Love it!

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