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Jan 28 2009

15 Examples of going a Tad Overboard on the Tattoos

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Crazy Tattoos

For the record I have a tattoo.   Yes, as I embark on an article that is about to make fun of tattoos I must share my tattoo tale.  It’s nothing too important but let us just say that I was a pledge in a fraternity at one point in my life.  When that pledgeship ended half of my pledge class (myself included) decided to get our drink on and head to the tattoo shop.

Thank God it’s just two tiny Greek letters on my ankle, but suffice it to say I won’t be getting any more tats anytime soon.  And I don’t fault people for getting tattoos.  I do however feel it’s 100% necessary to make fun of those people who go over the top with their tattoos.

I mean you have to be a pretty big loser to have your entire back covered with Hulk Hogan when he was in the WWF.  Let’s be real here guys.

Nevertheless, here are 15 morons who probably had nothing better to do (I guess)

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

Crazy Tattoos

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  • http://www.KrunkMode.com Nitro Cobra (KrunkMode)

    I wonder what the people with Tattoo faces do for a living? Circus?

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  • pixie

    I like the spiderman one

  • pigbenis

    ok, the tongue one is fake … but that stupid-ass fat fuck with Hogan on his back makes me lmao every time …

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  • Lane

    ok that spiderman one is ridiculous awesome it doesn’t need to be made fun of it’s just freaking amazing

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  • seth

    the heavy metal one with the fire is fuckin awesome, all the other ones I agree with, and the people that like the spiderman one are dorks.

  • Brad

    That heavy metal one with fire may look awesome, but I think it’s Warhammer related, which may take away from the awesomeness of it as a whole.

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  • Xander6660

    hahaha!! on see the one with loadsa fire.. the full back piece.. that’s completely warhammer.. i got insanely bored by that game within a few months of starting up.. and that was when i was like 10 years old.. that guy looks like he must be at least 30.. so i bet within a few hours of showing his friends he felt like a total asshole rofl..
    however out of them all i do respect the spiderman one.. not because it’s at all a good idea.. just because it was done so well.. i mean how realistic does that look

  • http://www.google.com appellMow

    very intresting

  • http://www.blackhatworld.com memendezjkls

    great comment dude, I think you are right

  • Mike

    I agree about the full back tattoo. But, I thought it might of been WoW related because the Giant figure in the middle looked kind of like a tauren in some bad ass armor.

    Also, I have to say i loved the spiderman one it was pretty badass and extremely well done… I’d get it but with wolverine or a tiger ripping through.

  • Jingle

    The flame full back one is a Chaos Marine from Warhammer 40,000 (yes I am a nerd but would it being from WOW be BETTER? at least GW stuff is from the 80s and the artwork fits with the heavy metal image)

    The spiderman one is awesome and there are pictures floating about the net showing that the dude had his arms done to match too but they don’t seem to show up very often which is a shame

    The tongue is either ‘shopped or painted on but either way it still makes a beautiful image.

    I don’t like full faces, and some of the back ones are a bit much, fair enough, each to their own.

    but Jack Black or Hulk Hogan…..

    that’s just pathetic.

  • Gorgonous

    Heh, the Warhammer one is pretty cool, if I ever got in the mood of being totally out of my bloody mind, that’s the kind of tattoo I’d get. And really, who cares if it’s from a board game? It still looks pretty badass. Plus, he’d make one hell of a frontman… or should I say BACKman for a metal band. Also the guy with the skull tattooed on his face is cool, in the “hey look at that guy it’s a damn awesome tattoo, but good thing it’s not me who has it” way.

    Oh, and if I saw someone with a tattoo like the spiderman one I’d laugh pretty hard. It’s well made, but that’s about the only redeeming quality.

  • ashley

    the person in the last pic is actually a professor at the University of New Mexico

  • JohnnyRocket

    HAHA come on now! that TONGUE tattoo is NOT real. If it was that would be so sweet but it’s not. I’ve had enough work to know that.
    Let’s partay in Vegas! anyone sign up for the Carlsberg bestmate.ca contest yet? it’s soooo effin sweet!

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    The spider man tattoo is cool. The skull tattoo, is just scary.

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  • Amanda

    that spiderman one is badass.

  • ryan

    hulk hogan on your back way to go joe the super mark fat ass

  • http://www.servemehere.com home services

    I just can’t understand why people get tats on their faces. Anywhere but the face!

  • alkeys05

    you have to admit the spiderman one is really cool!!

  • FreckleHeckle

    I feel like the warhammer one is going to lose most of its detail after a decade or so. it just doesn’t have enough contrast. i hope for that guy’s sake that it doesn’t end up looking like a black blob inside of an orange blob when he is like…50.

  • http://www.ibra-fashion.com Nacy


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    great share, great article, very usefull for me…thank you

  • http://www.offtheme.com lyss@ generalforum

    I’m in total disbelief that someone would want to get their tounge tattooed! An entertaining read, thanks!

  • http://epicgeek.tumblr.com/tagged/Food_Poisoning_signs Ross Lamper

    Every stick has two ends

  • http://www.BonusBonusBonus.com/ Gambling Rob

    Is this tongue tattoo for real?? Is it even possible to tattoo something like THAT on one’s tongue?? Holy…

  • j0eschm0e

    to those who dont know. the tattooed tongue is a painting, face and all



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