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Jan 25 2009

Sunday’s Question of the Week Involves An Athlete Thing That Annoys Me

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I watched this last week during the NFL Playoffs.  I’ve been watching it all season.  And I’ve been seeing this damned trend increase in every sport I follow.  It’s the players pointing up to the sky after they accomplish something.

Question is:  Can we please put a rule in place to not allow this practice?

OK, if you win the world championship, fine.  Point to the lofty heavens all you want.   If you break some kind of team record, by all means.

But Jesus Christ.  Place kickers pointing up to the sky after extra points?  This stuff has to end.  And I don’t care if it’s some kind of private thing with their family or whatever.  Just do something else please.

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  • Leonard

    Amen to that, brother!



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