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Jan 23 2009

Some of the Hottest Playboy Centerfold’s Between 1980-1985

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This is the first of a running series of 5 year interval Playboy girl pics (no they’re not nude, sorry).  Since Hugh Hefner is pretty much my and most guy’s idol, I thought it would be appropriate to give some credit where credit is due:  to the man and his ladies over the years.

So I’ve decided to do a bit of research to find all of the hottest Playmates from history.  And in each article I’ll give you 10-15 hotties that spanned over a 5 year period.  As if you weren’t already searching for hot chicks all day.

This will just give you incentive to search around for another few hours.

You’re welcome.  Here are my picks for 1980-1985

Gig Gangel


This picture does zero justice for Gig.  Gangel was the Playmate of the month in January of 1980 and has a ridiculous body.  I suggest you do some research or simple google search will take you to those coveted pictures.

Lisa Welch

Lisa Welch

Lisa was the Playmate of the month in September of 1980.  But even better than that, Lisa made an appearance as a sorority girl named Suzy in Revenge of the Nerds.  She also has 9 children.  Yes, 9 children.

Terri Welles

Terri Welles

Terri was the Playmate of the year in 1980 and to my knowledge she’s still doing nude pictures.  Terri has her own site where you can pay plenty of money to see naked pictures.  Yes I’ll do that and not just type in “boobs” into Google.

Karen Price


Karen was Miss January 1981 and worked as a stunt double until 1994.  The last 15 years is a mystery to me.  She has huge….talent.

Gina Goldberg 


Gina was Miss May 1981.  At the time of these photos she was only 17.  Gina lied about her age to get into the United States.  She’s now an actress who you don’t know.

Shannon Tweed 


Shannon first appeared in Playboy as Miss November in 1981.  Now well, you guys all know her now.

Charlotte Kemp


Charlotte was Miss December in  1982.  She currently has her own website.  From what I gather she does a lot of crappy movies and spokesmodel stuff.

Alana Soares 


Alana was Miss March 1983.  She’s Hawaiian and Japanese.  Alana is also an actress who I’ve never see in my entire life, in any movie ever.

Ruth Guerri 


Ruth was Miss July in 1983.  She currently lives in a log cabin and I’m not joking.

Tracy Vaccaro


Tracy was Miss October in 1983.  She was actually on her way to being a ballet dancer before she realized posing nude might be more fun.  She currently has five children and I have no idea what she does now.

Justine Greiner 


Justine was Miss February 1984.  I have no info on her but I know her sister is a poet.  So that’s nice.

Donna Smith 


Donna was Miss March 1985.  I have no info on her but I think she has the best face of all these girls.

Cher Butler 


Cher was Miss August 1985.  She changed her name to Cheryl Kay in 1989 to become an actress.  I’m not sure it helped.  She’s still hot though.

Cynthia Brimhall 


Cynthia was Miss October 1985.  Currently she does a ton of crappy movies like Picasso Trigger.

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