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Jan 22 2009

Uncoached News: John Thain Ousted From Bank of America, I Care Why?

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From the Washington Post

John Thain, former chief executive of Merrill Lynch, has been ousted from Bank of America Corp, just three weeks after the companies merged. Bank of America Chief Executive Kenneth Lewis expressed dismay last week about the scope of losses from mortgages and toxic debt on Merrill’s books. Investors and analysts said the losses made Thain’s position as head of global banking, securities and wealth management more tenuous.

Bank of America said the terms of Thain’s departure would be disclosed later

Just remember that last sentence people. For all you people who care about this stuff, and by no means am I saying that it’s not important….  I just want you guys to remember something.  This guy John Thain?

There’s just no way he cares about you or me.  And he’s got so many millions of dollars in this crap economy that is going to hurt millions of us, that it pretty much makes me sick.

Anyone who feels bad about this situation needs to look at the bigger picture.  Sure it’s big news but I just wanted to share that.  Carry on.

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  • TH

    I say screw Skank of America and all the scum A-holes who do their illegal and imoral bidding. And your right that Thain tool will walk away with millions more than he has already “legally” stolen from the American public and taxpayer. I can only hope he is stuck in a marriage with some toxic bitch of a skank to make his life hell until he passes on to his fulltime retirement in Pergatory. I’m done.



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