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Jan 21 2009

Whatever Happened to “Brad” from Home Improvement?

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Zachary Ty Bryan Zachary Ty Bryan

And no I’m not talking about Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  That dude was last seen in 2004 if memory serves, in an episode of Smallville.  I’m talking about the eldest of the three children from Tim the Toolman Taylor’s family.  The third kid (Taran Noah Smith)?  I’d have to think he’s blown up a few buildings by now.

But let’s talk about Brad.  We’d be referring to Zachary Ty Bryan.  He’s come a long way since wearing a securely fastened mullet and acting like the rebellious “cool” teenage son of a father who got to spend his working hours trying to coax Pamela Anderson into the sack.

What’s Zacky up to today?  He’s still an actor and still going strong.  Eh, maybe not going too strong.  He repeatedly parties with buddies and seems to get into trouble a lot.  Most recently this funny taser incident occured.  At least I think it’s funny.

He’s had some bit roles from time to time but hey, the kid’s making a living.  Good for you Brad.   Plus he’s working on a documentary with ESPN and he’s married?  OK this is just weird.  Documentary on what?

Zachary Ty Bryan Zachary Ty Bryan Zachary Ty Bryan Zachary Ty Bryan

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