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Jan 21 2009

NBA vs NFL Cheerleaders Showdown: Phildelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Vs. The 76ers Dancers

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Eagles Cheerleaders Sixers Cheerleaders

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and frankly I’m glad we’re back.  This time we head to the city of brotherly love where Rocky stands high at the museum, Gino’s and Pat’s duke it out for cheesesteak supremacy, and the Phillies are the current World Series champs.

It’s been a good year for Philly as the Eagles made some noise in the playoffs and the Sixers are clearly an improved team from last year’s squad (don’t look at records, they’re better).

So why not compare the two squads that cheer for these organizations?  Well here we go.

The Eagles Cheerleaders

Eagles Cheerleaders

Who They Are

These are the women who tantalize Eagles fans in the cold.  As a Giants fan, obviously I’m bummed at the loss but the one positive is that I’d get to see these girls for one more week.  Most of the girls are models part time and torture military bases in the offseason with their little dance routines.


Amy Mecca.  That is the biggest possible pro I can think of.  That and at least half of these girls have better than averaged sized…you know.  I’d also have to go with Uniforms.  These ladies never seem to fail.  Did you know that Vera Wang is the designer?  How about that?


If you take away Amy Mecca I kind of lose interest.  Also, having to look at Andy Reid’s pants being pulled up to his nipples at every game can’t be good for morale.

More Pictures

Eagles Cheerleaders Eagles Cheerleaders Eagles Cheerleaders Eagles Cheerleaders Eagles Cheerleaders Eagles Cheerleaders Eagles Cheerleaders  

The 76ers Cheerleaders

Sixers Cheerleaders

Who They Are

The Philadelphia 76ers Dance Team is a vibrant young group of ladies whose task is more than likely to get the fans so juiced up during timeouts and half time that they’re forced to order more cheesesteaks.  Essentially these ladies need to raise revenue on a constant basis.  Other than that they’re available for parties and pastry lessons.


By far the biggest pro from this team is this article.  Like many cheerleader squads do, the women of the sixers decided to go out and get trashed.  But not only that, they decided to record the pictures and make them available to the public.

Also, there’s these pictures.   I almost forgot about her.  She may be a former cheerleader but man those are awesome.


If you clicked on that link you’ll notice that the pictures are gone.  That they are removed from existence is far and away a travesty.  Other negatives?  Mo Cheeks isn’t there anymore.

More Pictures

Sixers Cheerleaders Sixers Cheerleaders Sixers Cheerleaders Sixers Cheerleaders Sixers Cheerleaders Sixers Cheerleaders

Final Take

This isn’t an easy call.  On the one hand you have the Sixers girls who clearly know how to party.  However without those pictures it’s a big minus.  They definitely have the dance moves and I dig their ability to motivate the crowds to get fat.

On the other hand you’re looking at Amy Mecca, sick uniforms, and a former cheerleader who gets extremely naughty.

Edge goes to the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders.

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